Saturday, September 25, 2010

New Additions To My Blog Roll

I have been finding that my blog roll was looking a bit sickly so I added some fresh blood to it. All of the tumblrs I already follow on my tumblr have been removed for now until I can add a tumblr roll to my side panel. You all should be visiting my tumblr anyways to see the great things happening over there.

The following additions to my blog roll follow my manifesto to share sites that have bloggers that write funny things and make thoughtful observations about the world around us. Some are just bizarre looks in the human mind but all are certified Grade A 'COOL' by us here at 'Cave of Cool, Inc.'

Lately I have been getting big laughs from the way women describe their adventures in the world of cyber dating (Robyn being my original find in this genre - her stuff is great and should be checked out) so I have added a fresh site on that topic. Oh how I love the bitterness of the lonely woman - there is nothing funnier than when they really go off on some loser.

I wish they could include more pictures of these guys so I can see what an Astronaut Test Pilot from Buttfuck Alberta with a PHD and a modelling contract actually looks like standing next to his 200,000 dollar racing car.

If you want to be on the coolest blog roll from the Cave of Cool? Leave a comment ya goober. That way I will know that you are out there even if you have been following me forever. I will go check out your blog, probably give you a follow and start leaving comments for you also. That is how this whole blogging thing should work in a perfect world.

If you see something new on the side, give it a look over and maybe you too will find a fresh perspective out there on topics that mean something to you. It's how I found my terrific regulars. You know who you are because my comments pollute your comment pages. - Calling People Names - humorous opinions and observations about woman looking for men on dating sites. - Roger Ebert's Journal - The master of film opinion - Back of the Cereal Box - humorous opinions and observations - Dear Bastards - humorous opinions and observations - Comic Book Resources - comic books - La Esquina de la Estrellita - mother blog - Totally Crap - link collection - girls and gruesome videos - Ranting and Raving - humorous opinions and observations - Johnny LaRue Crane Shot - movies reviews of obscure films - The Percy Trout Hour - strange photos collection (NSFW)


Lazarus Lupin said...

you have good taste as always, or good taste in badness all depending, what the hell.. I like it I like it.

Lazarus Lupin
art and review

Kal said...

I am a man of many tastes and as Kramer would say, "I have many 'associates'.