Saturday, January 8, 2011

He Had Me At Hello

I am a huge fan of 'Real Time With Bill Maher'. Many peope hate him because he tells you things you don't want to hear. His comedy is smart and he is a straight shooter who will call a spade a space. 'Religilous' was a great movie. There are no sacred cows as far as he is conerned. I love how he makes the nutjobs loose their shit by just opening his mouth.

Plus he was also in DC CAB so that gets him a lifetime pass from me. I love that movie.

"You know Elvis isn't dead. They got him in a missle silo somewhere and they are going to thaw him out when the economy gets better". - Gary Busey

"Tough to be a man baby." - Paul Rodriquez


Margaret Benbow said...

I once heard him explain the Crucifixion in eight words:
"He was weird. They were afraid. It happens."

Laura said...

I like him a lot as well. :)


Cap'n Carrot said...

That goes double for me. I agree with him most of the time, but even when I don't I love his take and how he's willing to stick to his position even if its an unpopular one.

And since you mentioned D.C. Cab I just had to go back and find my review for it and post it on my blog.

Kal said...

I am going to watch it again today and do my own review. It's such a goofy movie but very funny. The scene where MR T and the Barbarian Brothers crash through the windows of the house is fantastic. No reaction whatsoever from the family and they guys all leave the way they came. Brilliant.

Michael May said...

I forgot he was in DC Cab. I love that movie.