Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Why Don't I Stop Watching The Real Housewives?

Damn I loves me some Real Housewives. I was raised on the afternoon soaps that my aunts or my Baba would watch, taking up valuable viewing time with the ONE TV we had. Sometimes I would get so bored that I would have to check out the shows.

Of course it would take minutes before I started to question the strange storylines which NEVER MADE ANY SENSE. Who knew you could be banished from the house for even questioning the bullshit on screen?

So I am predisposed to hating soap operas.

Then came the 80s. When I was in University my awesome roommate Adam and I would watch Dynasty without fail. The world stopped for that one hour. The POWER and the PASSION. It was too cool. The stupidly unbelievable storylines made everything worthwhile.

Fast forward to now and I am addicted to a couple of the Real Housewives shows. I loves me my New York and Jersey girls but ATLANTA is where all the craziest bitches hang out. The things that happen to these women can't be made up. Okay maybe it can be but I commend the producers for finding good ways to generate conflict.

This is one story thread you have missed. Apollo is married to Phaedra. He is going to jail for fraud and they are getting a divorce. He told everyone that another of the housewives, Kenya, that she offered him a blowjob. That was last year. Everyone hated that bitch Kenya. NOW we find out that Apollo lied about the whole thing. What a dickhead. I hope he is very 'popular' in prison and he will be. He's a good looking dude.

This of course does nothing to change my opinion on Kenya. She's so desperate for fame that she will sit down for THIS celebrity interview.


DrGoat said...

You're gag reflex must be very strong. I can't even stand 20 seconds of that scripted drivel by people who mostly don't deserve to draw breath not to mention live a life of leisure and wealth.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

When I am multitasking their suffering is as sweet to me as a rare wine.