Sunday, July 27, 2014

Mad Max - Fury Road Trailer

Oh I will watch. You better believe I will watch. I am slightly disappointed that my best boy, the LORD HUMUNGOUS appears to be nowhere in this film. How can you make a post apocalyptic movie without the 'ayattola of rock n' rolla'?


Model Behavior - Morgan


Happy 75th Anniversary Batman

Riddle And Monica Lee Pirate Cosplay Cuteness


Saturday, July 26, 2014

This Reminds Me Of Time In My Space Capsule - Stay Crazy Japan

I would make a perfect astronaut because I wouldn't need much space for my living quarters. Just a place to sleep and blog and watch my programs and listen to my tunes at full blast. I assume each pod would be sound proof and would fill with water like a washing machine when I need a bath and to be spin dried. I slept in one of these when we were in Japan and I never slept better in my life. I felt so safe and secure. They could have flash frozen me and woke me up years later and I wouldn't of have a problem with that either.

Damn I Love Televsion

I hate that I have no friends and no one to hang out with except for the people who talk to me online in spurts of one sentences or two every couple of days. I have no one to discuss anything substantial with. That is okay because I pretty much live inside my own head all the time and do what I want to do.

The downside of being an immortal, renaissance gentleman of leisure is that you have to find ways to fill your waking hours before you fight to go to sleep - something that doesn't get easier when you can't turn off  your brain. I often joke that in 'awake' years, I am over 80 years old. In sleep years, I am lucky if I am ten.

So that gives me a lot of time to watch TV. In the old days you had to watch repeats in the summer or the great game shows. These days I have a treasure box full of shows to enjoy.

Ice Road Truckers
Doctor Who Season 8 - premiere
Major Crimes
The Last Ship
Deadliest Catch
Taxi Brooklyn (reluctantly)
The Strain
Ray Donovan
Hell's Kitchen
Master Chef Australia
Master Chef USA
Black Sails
Amazing Race Canada
Beyond Scared Straight
Murder In The First
Gang Related
Real Time With Bill Maher
Police 10-7 (New Zealand)
Highway Cops (New Zealand)
Beyond Scared Straight
Hell On Wheels
Last Week With John Oliver
The Daily Show
Orange Is The New Black

First Look At Arrow's Third Season

I need more of Harley Quinn and the Suicide Squad.

Daily Reminder - Your Tables Are An Abomination


New Loose Figures To The Collection Of Cool

I never collect loose action figures unless they are complete. I hate missing pieces that came with the original figures and the loss of the box they were originally packaged in. I even tell my mother not to bother because she never knows the difference between a superhero and a monster truck when she sees toys at a garage sale.

These three guys she brought home are sturdy rescue characters and one even comes with his working fire hose gun. I like the heft and weight to these figures. They have no sharp corners and are virtually indestructible for a toddler to play with. I could happily display them with all my other wacky figures that don't quite fit with every other superhero toy I have. Can't have too many toys in the collection so I am thankful to have these colorful figures.


A Cape And Cowel By Sara Blake

A Cape and Cowel created by Sara Blake aka Zso at Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s ‘Cape/Cowl/Create’ event in downtown San Diego – a celebration of the iconic character’s 75th anniversary and the upcoming release of “Batman: Arkham Knight”, during Comic-Con International 2014 at Hard Rock Hotel San Diego on July 24, 2014 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Todd Williamson/Invision for Warner Brothers/AP Images)

Follow the link to see more of the capes that go with these cowls. I don't get some of the choices the artist made because they are hardly practical in Batman's world. I would have loved to see an inner cape that flashed  a bright light to blind any person that Batman or Batgirl attacks.

All Kinds Of Awesome

If you get this image then you are my people.
Thanks for Brother Mike for the share.

Lady Zorro?

She reminds me of the Queen of Swords, who, incidentally, had the WORST DISGUISE of them all. In a town with only two women in it, a strange vigilante for justice appears. She happens to have the body type and FACE AND HAIR of one of those two girls. However, none of the men in the sleepy Mexican village can figure that she IS the Queen of Swords. How does she keep foiling their schemes? Why are they not smarter than that? I just want to shoot myself every time I watch an episode of this show because she fools me every time with that lingerie mask. It makes NO SENSE but I watch because there are sword fights and evil Spaniards. I am a sucker for watching them Evil Spaniards fail.

This Is Your New Wonder Woman, People

Personally I would have liked to see more gold in the costume but I can live with this. I do like the boots very much. Glad to see Wonder Woman on the big screen finally. This only bodes well for all of us out there who love the character. Good luck Gal Gadot.

Star Wars Rebels Trailer

I Lost My ID At The Club


The Fantastic Four - Art By Earl Norem


This stuff is just gorgeous. This is how someone should animate a Fantastic Four movie. Now there is an untapped resource in the comic world. Too many people own the rights and one of them is NOT Marvel. It's too bad. There are so many good Fantastic Four stories out there.