Thursday, June 21, 2018

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Antonio Bandaras made some of my favorite movies of all time. This one, Mask and Mark of Zorro, Desperado, Once Upon A Time In America and he was the voice of Puss In Boots which makes him one of the immortals for me. But 13th Warrior is the most fun with cool characters and a cool storyline and a great ending where we see how a KING dies. Bovi is so badass that I could do a whole thesis on why his character is so fantastic.

Koko The Gorilla Dead At 43

The high profile deaths just keep coming. This one hit me hard. It seems that for decades I have heard about her ability to communicate with sign language and her love of kitties. It was a legit news story at least twice a year. Her website crashed this morning and that just shows you how unique and beloved she was throughout her life.


Cosplay This Week


Me Thinks There Are A Couple Of Millenials Employed At Schweppes And Their New Beverage Division

Blood Orange and Lime and Blueberry Elderberry??
Aren't Elderberries a made up fruit?

Just Gonna Leave This Here


And I Am Not One To Let Go Of This Stuff


Her Ennui Is Delicious To Me


I Am So Tired Of This Fool, His Lies, His Gaslighting, His Evil Money Making Schemes And His Shit Eating Grim

Trump knows that you are too stupid to fall for his genius.
This is why the man who bitched about the cost of war games now want to pay for a SPACE FORCE. He moved pictures of Macron to picture of Kim in the white house. His family stays silent. The Republicans stay silent. Parents have been deported without their children. How will these kids,  many very young, ever find their parents again? This is a WAR CRIME and I want to see someone take on this cause and break this evil spell we are all in. I rage for all the things I can't do. OFFER ME A MISSION. Just like the ones in the movies where you give me a ridiculous selection of high tech spy gear and send me to blow some shit up or maybe steal the evidence that will send the idiot trump to a prison known for it's high incidents of prison rape. I am sure those convicts of color will be very forgiving for the deportation of children of color. They will need a calendar to keep track of all of trump's 'dates'.
And if any of his Hillbilly followers bring out a gun and threatens to make trouble will go MISSING in the dark of the night. We do that a dozen times or so and the rest of your chuckleheads will get the message. The Human Race will no longer tolerate your beliefs or the bullshit that your beliefs encourage. Fuck white supremecy, fuck white power, fuck white priveledge. It's done. Adapt or die.  You would understand the reference if you could read. Again, if we even THINK we see you bring out a gun into public you will get one right between the eyes faster than I can order SCORPION!


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