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All I Ask Is That You TRY!


Damn, We Were Violent Little Maniacs As Children


And we could do it all for under $5.

Realist Character Paintings by Matthew Grabelsky


It's Time To Accept That There Is A Very Ugly Truth At The Heart Of This Nation

I know we don't talk about it. I think we decided as a country that we COULDN'T talk about it. That Tickle Trunk will always be tainted by the blood of Casey and Finnegan. Such a good puppy. He just saw too much and couldn't be trusted not to tell. Or was he the one who finally snapped and fired those deadly shots. Who knows. The case was bungled from the start. The crime scene was a blood soaked mixture of the blood of many individuals and other assorted stuffed creatures. Everyone had motive. Everyone had opportunity. That's right. I can no longer remain silent. Once again I am not afraid to speak the truth.

Introverts Club Meets In The Closet Of Room 223. New Members Please Stay Home

10 myths about introverts:

Myth #1 : Introverts don’t like to talk.

This is not true. Introverts just don’t talk unless they have something to say. They hate small talk. Get an introvert talking about something they are interested in, and they won’t shut up for days.

Myth #2 : Introverts are shy.

Shyness has nothing to do with being an Introvert. Introverts are not necessarily afraid of people. What they need is a reason to interact. They don’t interact for the sake of interacting. If you want to talk to an Introvert, just start talking. Don’t worry about being polite.

Myth #3 : Introverts are rude.

Introverts often don’t see a reason for beating around the bush with social pleasantries. They want everyone to just be real and honest. Unfortunately, this is not acceptable in most settings, so Introverts can feel a lot of pressure to fit in, which they find exhausting.

Myth #4 : Introverts don’t like people.

 On the contrary, Introverts intensely value the few friends they have. They can count their close friends on one hand. If you are lucky enough for an introvert to consider you a friend, you probably have a loyal ally for life. Once you have earned their respect as being a person of substance, you’re in.

Myth #5 : Introverts don’t like to go out in public.

Nonsense. Introverts just don’t like to go out in public FOR AS LONG. They also like to avoid the complications that are involved in public activities. They take in data and experiences very quickly, and as a result, don’t need to be there for long to “get it.” They’re ready to go home, recharge, and process it all. In fact, recharging is absolutely crucial for Introverts.

Myth #6 : Introverts always want to be alone.

Introverts are perfectly comfortable with their own thoughts. They think a lot. They daydream. They like to have problems to work on, puzzles to solve. But they can also get incredibly lonely if they don’t have anyone to share their discoveries with. They crave an authentic and sincere connection with ONE PERSON at a time.

Myth #7 : Introverts are weird.

Introverts are often individualists. They don’t follow the crowd. They’d prefer to be valued for their novel ways of living. They think for themselves and because of that, they often challenge the norm. They don’t make most decisions based on what is popular or trendy.

Myth #8 : Introverts are aloof nerds.

Introverts are people who primarily look inward, paying close attention to their thoughts and emotions. It’s not that they are incapable of paying attention to what is going on around them, it’s just that their inner world is much more stimulating and rewarding to them.

Myth #9 : Introverts don’t know how to relax and have fun.

Introverts typically relax at home or in nature, not in busy public places. Introverts are not thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies. If there is too much talking and noise going on, they shut down. Their brains are too sensitive to the neurotransmitter called Dopamine. Introverts and Extroverts have different dominant neuro-pathways. Just look it up.

Myth #10 : Introverts can fix themselves and become Extroverts.

A world without Introverts would be a world with few scientists, musicians, artists, poets, filmmakers, doctors, mathematicians, writers, and philosophers. That being said, there are still plenty of techniques an Extrovert can learn in order to interact with Introverts. (Yes, I reversed these two terms on purpose to show you how biased our society is.) Introverts cannot “fix themselves” and deserve respect for their natural temperament and contributions to the human race. In fact, one study (Silverman, 1986) showed that the percentage of Introverts increases with IQ.

This Is Why COSTCO Was Created

So I could discover the greatest toasted coconut cashew product in human history. I kid you not. These are so delicious and so addictive that you can only buy one tub lest they become all you eat all day long. I have a little ration cup so they will last 10 days or so but I don't see them surviving more than six and even that is stretching it. I mean it. Next time I at Costco I am opening a tub up and eating it all before I leave the store. I don't care. That's just the way I plan on rolling in the future. That's what you get for turning me on to your toasted coconut cashew crack.
Damn these are good. Have I told you that?

Saturday, November 28, 2015

At A Minimum


Mega Spider-Gwen Cosplay By Taorich



Let Me Reprint My Facebook Rant For A Second Time

I was so annoyed with the two guys coming to my door with their Bibles that I met them before they even got to the front stairs to shoo them away. I was having NONE of it. I didn't want them to even get past my personal cone of protection lest I be tainted with their bullshit. I was also afraid they would fall and fake a hip injury just to sue me.

Believe what you want. Just don't make two old guys go door to door in the winter where they can slip and fall and break a hip, just to spread your fables. Believe what you want. Meet with like minded and dance with snakes. I don't care. But like your genitals, don't expose me to your beliefs in public. I don't care. Believe you are a bed bug. I don't care about that either. Just don't try to convert me with your balloon juice. I mean do I REALLY look like a true believer. Do you really want me to be a part of your group?? I bring NOTHING of value to whatever godly life you are trying to live or think you are living...but that is another conversation I don't want to have with you.

Evening Captions


Soon It Will All Be Watched And There Will Be No More

You would really be surprised how much like Season 28, Season 1 of COPS is. They really didn't stray too far from the original formula in all these decades but boy some of those first episodes are goofy. I mean putting cops in boxes to jump out and chase down street dealers. It's filmed like this box trick is totally the most original thing these police officers have ever thought of. Oh and the box they are jumping out of is tied down with a couple of shoe laces. I am glad these knuckleheads didn't have tasers back then. They might have hurt themselves. In Episode 3 they build their Trojan Horse out of plywood instead of cardboard box. It's like a holiday float.

Episode 2 - they show a female cop kissing her fiancé and try make a show out of them. They filmed the freakin PROPOSAL. Gah, that is horrible. I mean she is cute and if she got shot in the line of duty then I would be sad but REALLY, a PROPOSAL? Oh and her name is Officer Linda Canada. I shit you not.

The guys in Season 28 would shoot themselves rather than submit to that kind of foolishness on camera. There is no room for foolishness if you are on COPS. There is enough foolishness on the streets already. They also must have a NO DONUT SHOP rule because I never see the cops eat or drink anything. Maybe they don't pee or poop either? I don't know because I don't see it.

I am so glad that by the later episodes they stopped showing the beginning of shift meetings because everyone is mugging for the camera and we don't want to see the boring stuff. Just get to the taser worthy suspect and let the comedy begin.

But I can forgive these early episodes because from that the formula was born and has been successful for 28 seasons. Most seasons have more than 30 episodes in them so that is over a thousand of hours of law enforcement goodness. It's the original reality show that is the ONE thing that even FOX couldn't kill off and they kill off every show that is half decent. (Brooklyn 99 - watch your back).

For 25 seasons, Cops was broadcast by Fox (with repeats from earlier seasons syndicated to local television stations and other cable networks, including truTV and G4). After Fox canceled the show, Spike picked it up for three more seasons, in addition to reruns of previous seasons. The 28th and latest season premiered on June 20, 2015, with a 33 episode order.

Well what do you know. Fox did cancel the show after 25  years. Damn that's cold. Good think I get Spike.

Watching a rookie escalate the situation instead of calming it down is hard to watch. I swear that man should not be armed. He is unstable.

I only have seasons 1-6 left and then I will have seen them all. That will be a sad moment.

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