Monday, October 16, 2017

Princess Julie


Countdown To Halloween - The Spoopy 12



The First Full Novel That Was Ever Read To Me

I remember early in Grade 2 when this retired soldier would come into our class every day for a half hour until he finished reading us this book. He was very animated and did the voices. I think about that time whenever I watch the Grandfather read to his Grandson in the Princess Bride. After the book was done I was a full fledge Narnia nerd for life. Got the set myself about sex months later and read the series many times growing up. Prince Caspian was the first 'adult' novel that I read right to the end. I was always told that this was the gateway drug for Lord of the Rings but the two novels are almost polar opposites of each other in terms of the ease it took to get through the story. Narnia a dream and LOTR is a slog although the movies are brilliant.


Monday With The Supergirls