Saturday, October 20, 2018

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Friday, October 19, 2018

It Was Nice To Know Her

We almost had a crisis here at the CAVE. My kitty, Baroness Simona Bebe made a run out the door for the first time. This cat has never shown any interest in the outside. Then she soon realized it was cold and turned back to the door. Crisis averted but I was freaking out chasing her around the yard.

I want to get one of those tazer collars to that if she rushes out the door I can give her enough of a zap to bring her down long enough for me to catch her. Today she waiting in front foyer like she expected to be let outside. Now remember - UNTIL YESTERDAY this mercurial kitty had no interest in what was outside of the protective walls of our house. I tried to teach her to walk around the harness but she put the kibosh on that idea before it even started.

She is a fast cat. She is a very smart cat so I know she is sure to outwit a retard like myself and soon be free again. I hope they next people who take her in after she has been brought back to the shelter. Clearly she has decided that she has options better than living with a loser like me.

I wish her well.


Thursday, October 18, 2018

Why GARGOYLES Was One Of The Greatest Cartoon Series Ever

Director Jordan Pele is interested in making a live action GARGOYLES movie which is one of the best ideas for a movie I have heard today. Pele has a lot of clout right now in Hollywood so I am hoping that this wish becomes a reality.

At a time when Disney was creating bright-colored cartoons that were more inspired by toy lines than anything else, they were also producing one of the most underrated cartoons ever made – Gargoyles. This series is rarely brought up in conversations about the best cartoons of the '90s, but it deserves to get some new viewers. In just three short seasons, it managed to tell a dense and rewarding story unlike anything attempted by children’s television up until that point.

If you were one of the few viewers who watched Gargoyles, then you witnessed children’s entertainment at its finest. And even if you’ve been a fan since the '90s, there are still some things you probably didn't know about the beloved program. Luckily, series creator Greg Weisman has been open about his love for the series, and answers fan questions whenever he gets the chance. So even though the show was underappreciated at its time, there’s still a wealth of interesting information out there. If you’ve never seen Gargoyles, hopefully these behind-the-scene facts and interesting pieces of information will inspire you to seek out the series.

They Would Call Me The White Panther


This Week From The Cave Of Cool - Episode 3

Episode 3, in which our heroes, Cal and M. D. (ably assisted by their Music Director, Frances Simpson) wax rhapsodic about the Thanksgiving holiday, October in Canada, Halloween costumes of days gone by, then sheepishly admit that they are big babies when it comes to scary movies. Along the way Cal tells some hilarious stories – these are pure gold, folks! (Also many very funny but very naughty words... children and those with delicate sensibilities be warned!)

2:50 – Canadian Thanksgiving
4:00 – WKRP in Cincinnati: The infamous Turkey Drop episode.
6:39 – The story of the infamous UofA Chicken Drop incident
9:15 – The Silence of the Chickens
10:54 – The seemingly low offence tolerance of vegans
15:13 – October and Halloween in Canada
16:35 – The story of the infamous Pumpkin Carving Contest
24:00 – The story of the infamous Python incident and the surreal nature of life in rural Alberta and BC
28:10 – Halloween costumes in rural Canada and Calvin's greatest Halloween costume... ever!
35:36 – Scary movies
38:45 – Cal's love for the REC movies and the Final Destination death scenes
40:50 – The SAW movies (with one major spoiler)
42:07 – M. Night Shyamalan's GLASS
47:09 – Calvin's review of VENOM
52:44 – Elon Musk: Global Philanthropist or Evil Super-Villain?
54:13 – The latest News: Ryan Coogler, James Gunn, and Batwoman on the CW

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Wednesdays With Wonder Woman