Friday, September 20, 2019

This Animal Is Called A Dik Dik

And it is delicious.

You Are Not Cheering Me Up When You Tell Me This


Oh George

I remember this curious little monkey. He got into all kinds of shenanigans. The damage he did to the thin border between Earth and the demons of Hell still makes me giggle.

SEE - First Trailer

This does look very good. Thanks again to Tim over at the Hero Press for letting me know about all the great stuff coming out before almost anyone else.


Why Liberals Are Wrong About Trump

Why are the liberals completely overreacting to Trump's unique style of governing?
They're not. He's a fucking sociopath.
Now here is a recipe for Raspberry scones.
Preheat over to 400....

Hoping For A Fun Weekend


Weekend Image Blizzard


My Garage Sale Haul

Another fresh Wonder Woman for the WW collection.

You can barely see the Lone Ranger and Tonto Disney Infinity figures

I love the switchblade comb that came in it's original box.

I like the cask and binoculars and especially the nice Popeye tin. The color and art are beautiful on that one. That item by the Rambo figure is a Batman Periscope.

The Tinker Bell on fabric with wooden from started the 'Calvin' box. Then I found the really weird looking Rambo and that particular issue of ROM SPACEKNIGHT that has one of the TWO letters that I got published in Marvel Comics back in the day. This issie is pristine. My issie was in a frame that sat too long at the top of a box in the sun. When I finally found it up there the sun had faded the cover badly.

A couple of unique set of playing cards. One is North vs South and the others is Toronto Blue Jays and each card in that deck includes a fire safety tip. FIRE SAFETY TIP.

Did you know they put out JOCKEY trading cards. I didn't but I had to have a few packs along with this box set of cards of all the major horse racing champion horses. I love horses and this was a cool item. Plus you can see that box of emergency fake mustaches and some cool looking hotwheel type cars.

That's right. A complete boxed set of kitty spoons.

A Malcom X fridge magnet and a Bob Marley picture on wood.

That's right. It's a switchblade comb in front of that three volume set of BONE - The Complete Saga. All for a dollar as were those Herman and Far Side treasuries.

Kitty stamps and a whole set of dollar books including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Frog and Toad (both original) and many many cat related cartoon books.

This Black Widow Infinity figure is beautiful.

Spider-Girl Body Paint By Tender Cosplay