Monday, October 20, 2014

The Unlucky 13 - Day 20


Postma Does Fisher Price Adventure Peope Killers

It's a BLAST FROM THE PAST with the Fisher-Price adventure people. Some of you might remember these from your childhood but probably don't remember them being so bloody gory. That is my fault, this mash-up just popped into my brain one afternoon and I just had to make them. It is a literally my youth mashed together with toys I have played with as a kid and my love of the horror movies from teen years.
I also chopped up some Backgrounds from "Scoody-doo: Mystery Incorporated" and put them in the illustration to make my drawings look better since My BG skills are lacking. And before anybody asks, they are done entirely in Photoshop and are not real custom figures.

How Crazy Is My City?

They have asked people to put their junk on the front curb so that anyone who wanted or needed this garbage could just pick it up. I object to this just like I object to garage sales in general. I have never found a treasure or a bargain in someone's car port. I wish I lived in the US where they have these huge flea markets that contain great action figures an classic lunch boxes for sale.
So this was the contribution my Mother made. Someone actually picked up those gaudy lamps. I wish I could have see who they were and now desperate they were for these stupid lamps.
My Mother's church is also hosting a replica of the Shroud of Turin this month. I have to take a look at that.
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More Facts About Canada From CANFAX


Mondays With Medusa

Queen of the Inhumans.

Help A Toy Collecting Brother Out

I need to find someplace that sells action figures out of their comic book and related items store. I tried ONCE to order a toy from Matty Collectibles and the whole process was a nightmare. I have heard many similar stories. I want these new Super Powers figures because they are six inch versions of the pricey originals from the 80s but I don't want the hassle of dealing with Mattel online.
Since my toy store closed in Montreal I need someplace new to work with. I want a place in Canada that will hold my purchases until they can fill a box which should be shipped for under ten dollars, just like I am used to. I want a place that sells Funko and all the other modern figures like these Super Powers reproductions. I want to be able to shop for them on their website which shows them in full color. If I can find such a place they will get all the money I usually spend at retail - a place were I find nothing that I want.
Please, if you can recommend such a place, let me know. I would also love to meet a guy who runs a vintage toy store so that I can hunt for some older toys, those no longer on shelves.

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