Friday, June 5, 2020

More Rantings From Quarantine

Maybe tons of ex-military hardware and riot control gear along with armored vehicles that have been given to local police departments should not hire ex-soldiers as officers without proper mental screening. Police work is not wartime duty and do see all people of color as war time people of color is a dangerous thing. PTSD is real and too many cops carry their past lives in the military into their new jobs of SERVICE and PROTECTION. It's not search and destroy anymore and that transition cannot be done by everyone. Just saying. Every town needs a LIVE PD show so the local cops get known and can't fuck up lest everyone sees them in the act. It regulates behavior and in the end the community gets a better cop with JUDGEMENT even in the most stressful situation.

Don't Be A Whiny Little Bitch When You Blink Red

Run, Bitch...RUN!!


There is only one reason why a duck shows up to a protest and that is to incite violence against THE MAN. Fight the power Brother Duck.

Trump Dump

Chun Li FOIN

I Lost My Chance To Go Into The Time Tunnel

Because it's all just one big popularity contest.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

I Fell Into This By Accident

It was a lot of fun goofing on this film with others.
Who knew?

Where The Hell Is Clumping Cat Litter?

OMG Sean Spicer Tossing Cotton Balls To The idiot trump

I love this lunacy SO MUCH. He has no idea where he is most days I assume. But that's what makes is so funny. No one will stop this and it will only become goofier. Not great for the world of course but for COMEDY? Bitch, please. This is GOLD.

How did I not know that he was a hero of the black people? All those things he's done and no one knows and no one is grateful, for things they don't know about because they DIDN'T HAPPEN.

Keep talking numnut. The more you talk the more you indict yourself. Racist bag of burning horseshit.

The nation doesn't need him to heal the nation, they need him to administer law and order? What am I missing here? Oh right. HE HAS NO SOUL OR ABILITY TO COMFORT!

Wednesdays With Wonder Woman