Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Haven't I Been Telling You For Years That They Can't Be Trusted?

It's bad enough that this eight legged bastard STOLE the camera in the first place but that it took it little time to figure out how to use it. Now image an octopus with a gun....or eight guns and one very evil little brain. This is just the beginning people. They only way to study the beast is on a serving platter with a nice dipping sauce.

Next you will let it get it's filthy tentacles on a Swiss Army Knife and everything will go to hell. Have you seen how much damage that plastic toothpick can do to a man's jugular vein? They are not a sweet and kindly creature. Stop letting them fool you with their comical antics.
Squiddly Diddly, who looks more octopus than squid, made his TV debut in 1965 on the Atom Ant/Secret Squirrel Show. An octopus after my own heart, Diddly is an aspiring musician who has the extraordinary ability to play multiple instruments at once. Diddly is confined to a life at Bubbleland, which is an amusement park similar to Sea World. In search of stardom, Diddly continually attempts to break out of Bubbleland, however his escapes are always foiled by the park's administrator, Chief Winchley.
I think you can all figure out why this baby diaper service went out of business. When you run out of babies because you have eaten them all, you have all but eliminated your client base.

Feast - Oscar Winner For 2015 - Best Animated Short

I defy you not to cry your eyes out over this one.

Danielle - Just Because

What can I say. I am a fan.

Master and Apprentice

I love this figure and how they got her reverse grip of lightsaber fighting correct. I wish she was larger than the 3 3/4 inch size but the detail and paint scheme is terrific on this one and I can never have too many female heroes in my collection.

Ahsoka and Annakin meet again.

Riddle As Lady Loki

She doth maketh the magic.

BRAVO Star Wars - Rebels

What a fantastic episode (the 13th) to end the first season. Just when I thought that they couldn't do better than The Clone Wars, they turned the story on it's head and went back to the beginning by giving us a lovable group of rebels to remind us of all the reasons we love Star Wars in the first place. The genius of the episodes I just watched is that it totally brings everything that has come before it full circle by giving us the arrival of BOTH my beloved Ahsoka Tano and Darth Vader to the story. I believe that from this point anything can happen and whatever does happen will be great. I have nothing but my highest love and recommendation for this program. It's one of the reason I wish I had small children. To introduce them to this whole Universe would be a treat to watch unfold.


Don't Use Flash Photography

It makes a monkey skittish enough to ripe a face off.

All I Ask Is That You Don't Sexually Abuse My Pool Raft. Is That Too Much To Ask?

Or just get your own raft and go to town.

Someone Needs To Tell Her That Her Boyfriend Is More In Love With The Cabin Boy Than Her

Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Wolf Totem - First Trailer

I am a huge fan of these Chinese historical epics and although I will hate seeing scenes of wolves being hurt or killed, I have a feeling the journey will be worth it in the end.

Last Knights Trailer

A westernized version of 47 Ronin complete with Samurai swords? I am so there. Clive Owen gets a free pass for life from me for Children of Men alone so this one is on my 'must see' list.

Someone Please Tell Me This Is Really In Production


I Am Changing His Name To Demona

He knows why.

Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron - Trailer 3

Why Are My Parties The Best? (Special All-Color Edition)



After the world turned to color in 1972, so did my parties.

Afternoon Captions


If You Get The Joke, Then You Are My People


Every Collector's Wet Dream

Anyone who collects toys or action figures has had this dream. We discover a treasure trove of toys forgotten in someone's attic for decades. All are in pristine condition and most of rare. Most important they are all mint in package. All the parts and accessories are there plus vehicles. Who ever thought they made a race car for the 12 inch figure? Palitoy was the GI Joe of Britain. Many of my childhood GI JOE like stuff was made by Palitoy since I lived in Germany at the time I was a childhood collector.

Follow the link to see many great videos of the toys and extra pictures not featured here.

Auction Man! Hoard of 1970s' Action Man outfits is discovered in retired toy rep's loft... including ultra-rare Judo Suit which could fetch £20,000

  • Doug Carpenter, 88, used to work for British toy company Palitoy as sales rep until mid-1980s
  • He kept boxes of pristine toy parts in garage and loft for decades, not realising their value to collectors 
  • Son Paul recently cleared attic and found them untouched; Action Man based on US toy GI Joe
  • Action Man Judo Suit is so rare it does not even feature in specialist book of the solider's accessories 
  • Collection includes outfits and accessories for Battle of Britain pilot, Royal Hussar, Commando and Deep Sea Diver as well as boxed football team kits
  • Will be sold off by toy specialists Vectis in Thornaby, Teesside in May or June 


Savra - Just Because She Is Magnificent

In a perfect world she travels with me on my adventures as my interpreter and sword wielding body guard as we solve mysteries and save the world from the cephalopod and the supernatural.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Wednesdays With Wonder Woman