Friday, October 28, 2016

24: Legacy trailer

I can't wait until January for this to begin. I wish I could binge it all in one 24 hour period. That would be intense. I like that they recast the show so that it could continue without Kiefer.

Who Wore It Better?


Fridays With The Furies






Thursday, October 27, 2016

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year



90s X-Men Funkos

Good comics back in the day.
 I especially liked the transformation of Angel to Archangel.

Talking With People About When The Innocence Of Their Childhood Was Ruined Forever?

Was it like with me that you learned too early that the world was not what they told you it was. There was no Santa and No God and No Devil and No Krampus (that one hurt because I loves me some Krampus) No ghosts or mummies or werewolves or vampires or Loch Ness Monsters. NOTHING. It's all made up. That's what broke me I think. The realization that I read all that I could on those subjects as a kid and it was useless information. I don't need silver bullets. Or holy water. What a gyp. Made me bitter.


The Spoopy 13 - Day 27


Wonder Woman/Bionic Woman Variant Covers


The Spoopy 13 - Day 26