Thursday, July 30, 2015

Ladies and Gentlement, I Have Been Invited To Podcast

I have three rules at the Cave of Cool.
1. I don't work BLUE (because I don't have too)
2. I don't accept guest posts because all this is MY creation (and no one every asked to do one.)
3. I don't podcast because my I am afraid that I will not be charming and my voice will sound bad since like all Canadians, I don't have an accent. I am also fearful that I will sound foolish. But I have been asked by the group at GEEK FALLOUT to join one of their shows so I think I will give it a try to schmooze with those who have much more experience than me.

When we record I will post the results here, good or bad and my long time visitors can be the judge. This was a request from some of my fans so be careful what you wish for. Sometimes you just might get it.


Fridays With The Furies


Site Meter Is Back To Torment Me

For some reason my old school metrics are back and I am still doing worse, except for this one day. I wonder if it has anything to do with Sophie Coady and my post on her pictures years ago. Did she die or something? And if I can get so many visitors that one day, why can't I get he same numbers everyday? My blogger metrics are so much better than this in terms of larger numerfs and on both I don't count my own visits to my own blog. Maybe this podcast stuff will up my profile or finally be the last nail in my blogging coffin.


It Just Fell Off The Wall So I Had To Open It

It has sound. I need to find some batteries. It's very cheap and is the wrong color and doesn't come apart into he two pieces like the TV show phasers. But I love guns that make these electronic noises.

Horror Icons Playing With Cats


I Feel Ya Mister Crow

Sometimes the bus isn't the best option.

I Told Them That New Hire Looked 'Hinky'

On his first day he stole all our lunches out of the breakroom  fridge. That should have been a clue but who ever thinks someone at work will just go off their nut like that? Lesson learned.

Tumblr Girls This Week