Friday, August 18, 2017

Our Latest Geek Fallout Posh Posh Is Up


I wish I had more pictures of my youth but we didn't have a device attached to your hands 24/7 that can record our every adventure. This picture of me with my baseball team is a really nice memory.


There ain't no thing like Fan Bing Bing.

The First Trailer For The Punisher On Netflix Is Very Weak

I really need more from Netflix at this point. You already have a built in audience that deserves more clues and preview shots than this week estimate. I like the ending but knew what you were doing all along. This is poor but you can make it so much better to satisfy long time fans of the character and give newbies some idea of who he is and why he is so cool a character.

My Life With The Baroness

Our encounters always devolve into violence.

Can We Please Think Of The Nazi Children?


He Must Be Loving All The Attention


I Might Have Been Wrong About Her

She might just be a cat with a fetish for floor rugs.

Favorite Cosplayers At The Cave Of Cool - Ryuul Lavitz



NOTHING Can Harm Me When I Wear The Mask Of Vulcan

Sigh. He was so lame. Once, he made dozens of these masks for a herd of cows. Why did the cows need these masks? That wasn't very well explained by the program. If the Mask (which is really more of a helmet) didn't want to lose his magical soup pot maybe he could have put a chin strap on it - that would have defeated the simple solutions of Hercules and that damn Newton. Toot was okay but Newton made me crazy.

Model Behavior - Kitty Mortensen