Sunday, October 22, 2017

She Is Wearing Her Combat Kitty Pajamas

Shit's about to get REAL!

Actually This Makes Sense To Me


And The Winner Of The Pumpkin Carving This Year Goes To...

I am calling it early this year.

I Think She Is Trying To Seduce Me With Her Darkness


Map Shows Which Cities Are Most Likely To Fall Apart

Don't see many of those in Canada do you? Now why do you think that is? Because all the Tim Hortons stay open no matter how much snow falls. In fact it's the first place the snow plows rescue. So bring  your chaos. We got this as long as we can get a double double and a honey dipped. Another reason why the world needs MORE Canada.

Much of the world is making great leaps in technology, security, and public health. But some cities are getting left behind.

In these distressed urban areas, the unemployment rate is high, equality is low, healthcare and safety are poor, and people fear for their life on a daily basis, wondering whether the government will ever step in to help.

Robert Muggah, a global security expert and research director at the think tank Igarapé Institute, has found 11 such factors that collectively make a city vulnerable to societal or economic collapse. Muggah calls this "fragility."

Using data from United Nations University, the World Economic Forum, and SecDev, Muggah has created a dynamic picture of where the most fragile cities are located. Small blue dots represent stable cities. Large red ones are the most fragile.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Z Is For Zatanna


Leviathan - Ark Of The Apocalypse

Leviathan” Ark of the Apocalypse

“They fought the fight of fights, the motliest band of savages to have ever sailed the high seas. It was a battle like no other, the very last of mankind, with only one mission in mind. Eat, Drink, F*ck and be Merry!! So the story goes.

This sculpture has been the most time consuming and intricate piece I have completed to date. I am happy that she is finished and am really happy with the finished product.She stands 8ft tall on custom built display table 7 ½ ft in length and about 2 ½ ft wide.” - Jason Stieva

I am in love with all this insane detail.
This is the work of a mental patient.


The Great World Of The Fabulous Weird Trotters

I found this site on the Facebook and I spent a great hour borrowing great images from them. Enough to make a new file in my vast archive of images I can choose from to display. I like to find someone with the same fascination for curation that I do. I want to see these great images and share them with fellow travelers.