Sunday, March 24, 2019

Sideshow Collectibles Go FUNKO With A Wonder Wonder FIgure That I Can Afford

I couldn't pre-order this figure soon enough just so I can tell everyone that I have a SIDESHOW Wonder Woman but I won't ell them WHAT Sideshow Wonder Woman figure I have. She is basically a beautifully collectible for the rest of us who want a great figure at a lower price point and this goes for a bout 10 dollars more  I couldn't pre-order this one fast enough.
You can get her on pre-order by going here.
These are the other first four figures in the line.
Then there is even another set of female DC heroes at a good price
A little bit more expensive but most Sideshow figures retail at ten times the price.

As a college girl by day and heroine by night, the Batgirl of Burnside has to be ready anything the world throws at her. This statue, based of the work of Chrissie Zullo, shows a Batgirl enthusiastic and ready to scale the challenges set in front of her.

Channeling the popular comic convention experience, DC Artists Alley brings unique, artistic viewpoints to the DCU through highly-detailed, limited edition designer vinyl and includes a print featuring the original artwork the figure is based on.


Sundays With The Supergirls

The Battles Of Dune Read By Frank Herbert

Frank Herbert reads from his novel DUNE on “The Battles of Dune” Vinyl.

Dark Stalkers Lilith By Mangoe Cos


So adorable.

Go Anna Go

I loves me a feisty Latina.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Weekend Image Blizzard