Wednesday, June 20, 2018

After 80 Years, The Barbershop Harmony Society Will Allow Women To Join

Too late you perverts.

When I Think I Always Think Of Tink


The Illustrations Of My People

Cossack Fairy Tales (frontispiece), illustrated by Noel Laura Nisbet (Scottish, 1887–1956). Translated from a dialect spoken in the area known today as western Ukraine, it was originally published in 1894.

A little too busy for me but I do loves me a pretty peasant girl in her white blouse. It makes me look fondly towards Kiev.

Cool Toys

Coming in July 2018 from Mattel, the world's most legendary Superman comic comes to life as a 1:64 scale offering from Hot Wheels! Featuring incredible detail and packaging recreating the first appearance of the Man of Steel, this limited edition set is a must have for Superman fans!


Welcome To Marwen First Trailer

This looks very good. I remember the documentary about this guy and his dolls a number of years ago. I am glad to see this new Steve Carell movie and that Robert Zemekis is the director. He made Small Soldiers so I know he has the vision to bring this story to life in such a cool way.

Bullshit. I Am The Most Special Flower In The Field

It is YOU that is beneath MY notice.

How Did This Title Get Past Corporate?


There Are No SIDES - There Is Only GOOD and EVIL

Educate yourself.

When The Wieners Circle Turns Against You, It's ReallY THE END!


I Don't Want To Frighten You

But the signs of the end of days have been appearing with annoying frequency lately.


That's What You Get For Running Your Mouth

Once a year I watch a wrestling clip just to remind myself how goofy it all is. I LOVED this stuff as a teenager and it was one thing that I shared with my Baba. I hope those poor people survive the horrible fake beating that they just took. I mean a Scooby Doo cartoon has better acting in it.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

This Happens So Often That You NEED A Sign??


Wednesdays With Wonder Woman



Sometimes A Rant In The Night Because A Better Comment In The Morning

I know it goes against my image but I will no longer apologize for giving supportive comments to those in the world that I care about or admire on Facebook. All my life I have been like this especially when I was a teacher. I have always been all about building people up, not breaking them down. These days the opposite seems to be true so once again I am a rebel going against the grain - the only position I really feel comfortable in. So if I send you one of these coments please trust my sincerity. I have NO other ulterior motives than to tell a stranger that they did good. It doesn't matter if they are my friend or an artist or cosplayer that I don't know. It's something that can help heal a World full of broken people. That is mostly because I like to hear the same kinds of compliments when someone thinks I did good.

Now if you are some piece of dirt, ratbag, racist Nazi punk, you will continue to recieve the most hateful and dismission comments my extraordinarily creative brain can come up with. My goal will always be to make you racists cry.

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