Sunday, March 18, 2018

I Only Trust Them To Toast My Bread

If this toaster on wheels thinks he can be my buddy just because our cubicles are next to each other then he doesn't know me at all. As soon as I confer with HR he's getting smashed back to the evil forge from wence he came. If he comes at me with those pincer hands that will be his end. A fall from the 42nd floor of corporate headquarters will take the urge to kill humans from most killer robots especially when their CPUs get smashed on the concrete.


This Is Pretty Much How I Remember His Origin Story Too


This Is Why You Momma Keeps Coming Over

Sorry Dude.

Comic Covers This Week


Sundays With The Super Girls


Wakanda Forever


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Bitch Please! Mommy Is Back On The Pole And She Is Making It RAIN!


Saturday, March 17, 2018

There Are Only Two Things I Like About St' Patrick's Day

That old Irish Thug made a fine mint flavored shake that I had to have once a year but ONLY combined with nuggets with hot mustard dipping sauce. It's the weirdest combinations of flavor and I don't even know if they still serve this flavor of milkshake at McDonald's the days.

The Quiet Man was my father's favorite film.
We watched it once a year without fail.

From The Caturday Files


Hey Hillbilly, Can We Talk About THE HAT!!

I mean did ANYONE say ANYTHING before doofus here went on Televsion? How about when he left the house this morning? Or how about when he put on that comedy cowboy hat in the store in the first place? I just don't understand.