Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Mondays With Mary Jane

The Canadian Perspective On The Idiot Trump

Monday, January 21, 2019

Evening Captions


You Dirty Bastards

I hope she grabs the first reporter from Fox News that she finds in the morning and drags him into the bathroom for a swirlie to remind them all the Notorious RBG don't play dat bullshit.


How Can I Carry This Thing On The School Bus?


That is why I would only have chosen the violin.

So Now LIGHT Is Judging Me?

Go around me if you have an issue with me standing there instead of making this all about YOU. You are not the only source of heat around. There are lots of other stars in the galaxy.

Mera By Stjepan Sejic.


This Is How I Know There Is A Glitch In The Matrix

Aside from all the deju vu I have been experiencing lately, I ran into a total roadblock looking for a clip from the movie, The Money Pit. It's the funniest movie I have ever seen and I only paid a dollar to watch it in a huge theatre full of University students. I wasn't the only one who peed his pants laughing. I was thinking about that movie today and all the quotes I know, none more beloved to me than this one by Alexander Gudunov who played Max, the maniacal conductor of the orchestra. I tried all my usual tricks and could not find the clip to share. Nothing! That almost never happens. Wazzup with that? I don't know how to capture video so I can't even do that. I am annoyed right now.

Now you have to imagine those words with this accent.
Where the hell is this guy's Oscar?

I Refuse To Hide The Truth Any Longer

I could tell you about a fight in the halls of CBC that involved ninja throwing stars and other deadly pointed weapons that others smuggled into the building in the Tickle Trunk and a ratty old guitar case but I don't want to start anything with those who choose to deny the truth. The dark and terrible truth. Mr Dressup became a totally different person after he put on an outfit he pulled out of that haunted trunk of his. It was dressing like a Viet Cong soldier that really broke his mind in the end. We all know what happened after that. It was like being back in the jungle in '72 for him so I can understand his madness, just not the total brutality and remorselessness of it all. Blood and puppet stuffing was everywhere. Children's TV in Canada was never the same again.

Cosplay By Little Jem