Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Tuesday Image Blizzard


Monday, June 18, 2018

Now The Abominations Are Falling From The Sky

The likely cause of the “seafood rain” (as it’s infuriatingly being referred to on social media) is believed to be waterspouts in the Yellow Sea which presumably sucked the animals out of the water and dropped them on Qingdao.

The phenomenon of “fish rain” or “animal rain” is a rare, but very real, weather phenomenon which has been documented for centuries. Reports of thousands of falling fish, frogs, and other animals that have no business in the sky have occurred since the Roman empire. Pliny The Elder wrote about storms dumping frogs and fish into the streets as early as the first century CE. Since then, fish rain has been seen all over the world.

The only thing that would make this event less scary would be to sit in a bus shelter and listen to them make that SPLAT sound as they hit the pavement.

So Electricity Is A BAD Thing?

But if you are so subtle, how will I ever get your point?

They Have A Complicated Relationship


You Can't Just Hide In The Meadow Anymore


Let Me Put This In Perspective For You

I hate Annie. I hate everything about her story. I hate her red hair and her thuggish behavior. I even hate her little dog but I have this comic. It's from back in a time when I had 20 dollars every two weeks to buy comic book. When comics cost only 60 cents it was a fortune. I was able to buy and try everything, even THIS abomination. I have no explanation for my behavior other than it must have been that same madness that caused me to believe that Liefeld was a talented artist.

Trump Dump