Sunday, January 30, 2011

Meow Mix

It's Only Really Ever About Redheads In The Sand

The Eggs Of My People - Pysanka

"Ukranian easter eggs, the designs aren’t painted, but created with wax. Once you have your wax outline, you die the egg, and melt the wax off. Repeat with different colors until you have the final design."

It's A Pretty Cool Planet

Told You It Would Be The Torch Who Died

Sundays With Selena

How Cool Is This?

I love how all the GI Joe accessories are spread throughout the room.

Henry Cavill Is The New Superman

Zak Snyder has chosen his new Superman for the reboot currently in pre-production. He was up for the role of Batman before it went to Christian Bale and was considered for James Bond also. This guy is a real hot property. I like Snyder's work on '300',
'Watchmen' and 'Sucker Punch' so I am interested in what he will bring to the new Superman. He does love his effects and will bring the awesome to his vision.

Cool Toys From My Childhood

Take a look at those prices. You know where I am going to go first when I get my time machine to work.

Dark Days Ahead

I am troubled about the fact that the Internet has been shut down in Egypt in response to the protests on the streets of Cairo and throughout the nation. I was one who always naively believed that the Internet COULDN'T be shut down. That was the whole point of the Internet. How stupid I was.

Of course there is one button that the governments can press that puts all us rebellious peasants back into the dark ages - deprived of our Twitter, Skype, and Blogger. I thought that shutting down one site like Wikileaks was wrong. Imagine how I feel about how easily a whole country can be isolated from those very things that can bring about change.

Tunisia brought about a revolution without guns. Of course the military industrial complex would never allow that to happen in a place that mattered, like Egypt. I am sure that no one in power ever suspected that keeping a highly educated workforce in poverty would ever lead to riots and revolution. Anyone with a brain, however, knew that all that was needed was a spark.

At least from my seat I can still see what is happening in Egypt because not all the avenues for information have been blocked.


There are few things that I enjoy more than those old school monster comics. I have to find this poster. Stan Lee would come up with a name and then the artist would come up with a goofy image to fit.

Another Way The Aliens Getcha!

Someone Is ABOUT To Have A Worse Day Than This Kitty

The Only Downside To Reading

Daily Reminder - They Are Not Candy

So don't pick them up and don't give them matches.

Sweet Rides And Russian Brides

Meow Mix

Saturday, January 29, 2011

They Don't Make A 'Calvin', 'Kalvin', 'Kelvin', 'Cal', Or 'Kal'.

The Sweetest of Sweet Noms

Because I Can't Finish Your Sentences In My Head

Sapiosexual (n.) — a person who is sexually attracted to intelligence in others.

How Dare You Disney

How dare you, Disney. Use my beloved Tinkerbelle against me? Have her tease me with a cupcake that I can't have. Good lawd that is evil.

Where Is The Rest Of Her Head??

I am starting to notice something that is annoying me. (ONE thing annoys YOU? How can you be the Calvin that we know?)

Why is it that every picture I see has the top half of the subject's head cut off. I was taught photography as a child and did a lot of picture taking as a teen and that was always rule number one after FOCUSING - frame your shot so that you don't cut off the head of your subject.

Maybe because I am extra special grumpy today that it bugs me all the more tonight.

I Am In That Kind Of Mood

Just Funny For Caturday

Gun Porn For My Gun Loving Buddies

You can never have a big enough gun for some people.

"This whopping handgun, called "The Judge," has been designed to fire shotgun shells. Taurus, who briefly imported the gun from Brazil, has withdrawn it from sale following a visit from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. According to Neatorama, "The Judge shoots .410 gauge shells as well as .45 Long Colt cartridges. 'The Raging Judge', pictured above, goes even further in this approach, firing the much larger 28 gauge shell."

Cool Images Of The Week