Thursday, January 27, 2011

If You Want To Read Something Interesting

Check out this post about ESP from my Aussie Buddy Tempo. Read about his experiences and read my comment below. Both he and I would love to hear any such stories you may have to tell from your life.

I am one who doesn't believe is ghosts, UFOs or mythical creatures. I have read EVERYTHING on the subjects due to my fascination with such things from my childhood but I have never seen an convincing PROOF of them in my lifetime.

However, I do have things from my own time that I can't explain but are definitely beyond the range of human science. As I comment on Tempo's site.

I think this kind of 'intuition' exists in all humans but you have to be 'tuned' in to recognize it. It also manifests itself many ways.

My mother worked at a nursing home for many years. She could always tell when someone was about to die. She could interpret the signs well after all her experience. We always said she could HEAR the 'Rattle of Death'. Like the nursing home cats who go to the dying and stay near them when the end of the person is near.

Me, I can 'tune' into the telephone seconds before it is going to ring. I think like Spider-Man I have a sense that picks up the electrical signals a phone is getting right before it rings. I can often have time to say PHONE and boom, it rings. But I have to be sitting quietly to do that. I can often tell who may phone in the time span of a half hour before they do. Probably 50 percent of the time. It's my super power. Strange eh?

I can also 'taste' the difference between Silver and Gold but that is for reason unrelated to any kind of esp.


Drake said...

I have had many dreams about things that happen the next day and many others things too numerous to post here.
I've seen a ghost but can't give you proof but just my word on it, believe me or not, it's all cool.
Still haven't seen Bigfoot or any UFO's. :)

M. D. Jackson said...

I have had two experiences with what I believe were "psychic" messages that I cannot explain. Both messages came from my wife.

The first happened while we were lying in bed together, just resting after a hard day. I swore I heard her whisper in my ear "rub my back". It sounded like her lips were right behind my ear. When I opened my eyes she was lying on her side of the bed facing away from me. I started to rub her back and she said "How did you know I wanted you to do that?"

Okay, not so weird. Pretty mundane. The second time she was across town. I heard her voice in my ear, just like before , like she was right there whispering. She just said my name.

Later when she got home she told me she'd had an awful day and was downtown and wishing I was there and she said my name aloud just to make herself feel better.

That's it. Those are the only two things that I cannot explain except by ESP or weird coincidence.

Kal said...

Or it sounds like you are incredibly tuned into your wife's energy. She sounds like a magnificent woman.

D.I. Felipe González said...

I've seen a couple of flying objects I couldn't understand.
Once I saw a square black block with navigation lights making no noise.
Other time I saw something that looked like a cotton candy.
I also saw once a meteorite fall (Kal-El, I presume) while driving back from Acapulco (just finished reading Red Son book 2of3).

Unknown said...

Isn't it amazing how many people have these weird 'connections'... even more weird is the fact that as sane, reasonable people we try to make every excuse we can think of to justify why it cant possibly be the one thing it probably was? The first two comments here are a case in point. Amazing guys..amazing!

Sarah said...

This stuff fascinates me! I'm going to post these stories here and on Tempo's spot :)

When I was little, I had a nightmare one night that a tornado was coming from the west and was slowly sucking up our house. We lived in a trailer on a couple of acres and for whatever reason the tornado was destroying the house slowly, so we had time to get out with some things. The next day, we had a severe tornado warning for our area and straitline winds. But the winds only hit the town and left my neighborhood untouched.

Another time when I was an adolescent, I had a dream about my very first boyfriend who had dumped me the previous year. I didn't normally dream about him or miss him or anything like that. Then two days later I get a letter in the mail from him that he wanted to go back out.

Finally, when I was very young, my family went on a picnic drive in our old VW bus. We had to drive up a steep hill on the dirt road to get out of our picnic area before getting back on the highway. My dad went to pass some motorcyclists who were going slow but when he went to pull back into the right lane, the steering didn't respond. We were in the middle of corn country, so the road had VERY steep ditches on either side and we were heading for one at an angle that was sure to tip our narrow bus over. My dad had enough time to shout "Hold on I've lost the steering!" before we hit the ditch.

After we came to a stop, miraculously upright, my mom was frantically looking around & asking, "Did you hear that? Did you hear that?" While we were about to hit the ditch, she heard a calming male voice say three times, "You're not going to roll".

The motorcyclists came to see if we were ok and help us get out of the cornfield and saw the entire thing, and they couldn't believe we didn't roll either.

We should pay attention to our intuition when it screams at us.

Thanks for sharing Tempo & Kal!

Kal said...

Sarah - I have an explanation for your first experience. It was called 'The Wizard of Oz' and I hate it.

My mother thought she had a vision of the Virgin Mary in the clouds when being caught out in the open fields during a bad lightning storm.

I saw a light once while sitting by the river with a friend. We both watched it move around for a bit and then zip UPWARDS across the sky before it disappeared. Not a meteor.