Wednesday, November 30, 2016

ROM - Spaceknight

Epic Nine Minute Trailer For THE GREAT WALL

I love these massive Chinese epics that employ thousands of soldiers to flesh out the amazing battle scenes. I am also glad they cast a western actor like Matt Damon so that maybe more US film goers will get to experience some of the kind of stuff that Chinese movies do so well like the afore mentioned battle scenes, the costumes and the surprising character development among all the chaos. RED CLIFF is the best example of a film you should check out if you like these kind of movies.

Marvel Funko Short – Spellbound

I think I like these little films that Marvel and Funko have created to promote their characters. Not having them talk is something fresh and understandable worldwide. Expect more of these in the future. The next one is released December 7 and features Rocket Raccoon breaking Groot from the Collector.


I came home to find this goofball on a chair instead of a hard floor.

My New Reply To All You Trumpsters


Just Wait Until Numnuts Is Reminded That He Has To Choose Ambassadors Too

We all know where Kellyanne is going. Either Antarctica or Uzbekistan. She lipped off to the Donald and he tore her a new one. When he finds out she's a girl she will really be in trouble. Any of those not named Ivanka have got to go or at least be sequestered in a pen on another floor.

And can I just say that in all of this madness, the only thing that brings me only the smallest amount of joy is seeing Ivanka. Stupid name. Smart girl. It's her that will strangle her father with a strand of pearls in the end and save us all. No jury will ever be found to convict her. Remember you heard it here first.


Tumblr Girls This Week


Once Again Someone Captures The Magic That Is Me

I don't give my Facebook buddy Al Bruno III enough credit for all the great material he provides the Cave of Cool. He shares a love for most of the same things I do. I like his blog because he doesn't hold back from the clips and images that bring him pleasure. He doesn't censor himself. He celebrates his loves and revels in them much in the same way that I do. He chases the dream and gives good blog. What more can I ask from another human? Well, plenty but Al thinks of me when he is on his computer searches and sometimes he even allows me to be his muse. From the picture below he created this cyberpop masterpiece. It's like the way I would appear in the Matrix. It might have taken Al just a minute to do but to me I appreciate the love involved in trying to capture both my magnificence but also my pain. Thank you my brother. Thank you for helping me feel less alone in this world.

Wednesdays With Wonder Woman