Thursday, November 17, 2016

New About Wellington

Yup it happened. Went to put on my jeans which were on the floor in the basement and they were wet from I think cat pee. This makes no sense because I have been scooping the clumpy litter box since he got here and it's full of 'product'. I swear this cat craps like a bear in the woods. So, is he marking me because he hates me or he's just being a dickhead. Now I got to get a black light flashlight and search the house for any other his fluids. GRRRRR. I love him but he is testing me today. Still not coming to me to hand out unless I am in the kitchen. I feel used. Still won't come up on the bed when I am sleeping for a nice scratch either.

1 comment:

DrGoat said...

I sure hope things work out. He is either marking you or upset about something. No way to wake up for sure. Some patience and see how things work out. Darn.