Monday, September 30, 2019

Edmonton Fan Expo First Post

Regret - Didn't pick up a 40 dollar black panther mystery box with at least ten items. I hate mystery boxes but after picking up a 15 dollar bombshells mystery tin and getting a great figure I could be seduced into them if the right character is involved.


Calvin Heighton I don't mind the vendor part. I like to schmooze with other collectors and people especially the kids. I can tell many fun stories about making up a back story for LEGO mini figures as they build their own unique ones. One of my unique creations ended up in the LEGO set up that I will share pictures of when I get around to it. That was cool. I liked having a base of operations - then absorb some con - go back to work for awhile - go have more con. I also came up with many cool ideas for my buddy who runs his collectible business. It was his first big show and he had a lot of success due to his good planning his good prices, his selection of items that scratched many a collector's itch in a great location at the front corner across from the celebrity tables. It draws young kids and has losts of low cost options for families to bring back dollar comics and lego mini figures. And I thought the best thing everyone got was the personaql connection with a team of people who ALL know their stuff about collecting pop culture. We all our experts in many subjects and often our knowledge overlaps. The real collectors appreciate that conversation time. I was particularly good at that part and I loved that part.the most. I am good at making feel good about their purchases because they have a whole center full of choices for their money. Being a civilian would have never given me that level of human connetion.

Calvin Heighton Plus the guy I was working with, Jeremy Russell who has NO FEAR about asking for pictures with cospayers. He poses. I want to learn how to pose with them in interesting ways. He's the world's greatest wingman for that. I am sorry he and I didn't get a chance to do that this weekend.

This Lego City scene was amazing. The tower rotated and it was full of mini-figures. Since the LEGO display was near our table they were always coming over for a chat. The woman who made this display bought many of our made-up LEGO mini-figures, INCLUDING this Jester with gold cup that I made a few days earlier. I was quite jazzed to find him in the crowd. She even loved the backstory I gave him. (He often took the King's cup after dark and get drunk while making jokes about the King to other members of the Castle staff.)
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This picture does not do the Borg Cube any justice.
It was all lit up and was superdetailed.

Next Up - Part II

More Headlines This Week

I love these European scamps.
They really know how to make a point.

Is that a Generation One Megatron?
Just transform him into the gun and he will slip right out.

Worse than Grover Cleveland?
This one is too easy for me.
Fish in a barrel.
Have at it.
I hate when they make it this easy for me to make fun of. I don't work blue and I don't shoot fish in a barrel. Have at it, gang. Why are these evangelical leaders such actual dumbasses? How do you get people to follow you and your balloon juice if you are THIS STUPID?

War of the World's Trailer

First the British locations and production is just what the story demands as does the time period. Victorians fighting Martians is just the kind of programming I need right now. Jolly good stuff.

Don't Believe Everything You See

For this to be an actual picture of me racing across Europe before the start of WWI it would mean that time travel is possible. But I have said too much already.


Monday Image Blizzard


Broken Liquid, Ben Young