Tuesday, September 17, 2019

What A Piece Of Shit Sean Spicer Is

I didn't think that this loser would be more of an embarrassment on Dancing With The Stars with 'stars' being a lose definition for anyone who is remotely attached to something shown on TV at one time in history. But to come on an already white bread show and dance poorly THEN complain that your shitty performance didn't do better because Hollywood hates Christians? That is the weakest of lame weakass sauce. That is such a punk ass bitch move that I hope he hears it from the gay judge Bruno who is just the kind of 'Hollywood Judge' that these Christian assholes hate the most. You are garbage, Spicer as are all your other holy rollers. Fuck You.

Less than 24 hours after telling reporters that he hopes viewers “put politics aside” to enjoy his performances on Dancing with the Stars, Sean Spicer tweeted out a reminder that, yeah, he still can be the same polarizing man he was while serving as press secretary in the White House.

In a since-deleted tweet, Spicer on Tuesday responded to a show of support on social media by former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee by suggesting the DWTS judges lacked spirituality in their lives. How else to account for Spicer being the second-lowest scorer of the night?

“Clearly those judges are not going to be with me,” Spicer wrote. “Let’s send a message to #Hollywood that the of us who stand for #Christ won’t be discounted.”

Oh and dumbass, if there really WAS a Jeebus he would have made sure that you won the night because he would have made you a better dancer rather than the flopping fish you turned out to be. Trust me, Jeebus would never support you because he has always been anti-asshole, which you and all your god buddies are - assholes. Mike Huckabee and his lying daughter being at the top of that asshole list.

Spicer’s salsa dance earned a 12 out of a possible 30. No one was eliminated on premiere night.

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Nathan said...

He might have won if they'd let him go ahead with his original idea of incorporating goose-stepping!