Friday, September 27, 2019

An Open Letter To All Who Enjoy The Cave Of Cool

Anyone who have ever spent any amount of time at the Cave of Cool will know that I have no trouble expressing my love or my hate for anything. I enjoy that most about my blog. I get surprisingly few negative comments about my posts except for one sad little troll who gets deleted every time I see his name. I am hoping this causes his head to explode eventually because he must know that all his bluster is unheard and unacknowledged.
I never engage any stupid Hillbilly dumbass (unless to mock them with my wit on online conversations) because I can't fix stupid. I can fix ignorance with education but I can't fix stupid. Those kind of dumbass true believers are the most hypocritical of all and I also do not do hypocrites. I own all my bullshit. They won't even admit that trump has any bullshit when it is piled before their eyes. Of course they also do not believe in climate change.
When I see the way that the climate change deniers speak about Greta Thunberg it ENRAGES ME. They call her a 'retard' or a make a point of focusing on her 'mental illness'. Are your arguments against climate change so weak that this is the only move you got left? Way to read the mood of the Planet. You also forgot to factor in all the love that billions of people around the world have for Greta all all your hate is seen by them, daily. You are not making converts to your side.  In every part of this planet they know who she is. That is the kind of fame that can force change if motivated to do so. And Greta IS motivated and she inspires others to be motivated as well.
That kind of talk brings more people to her way of thinking every single day. It's not an illness. It's a condition. I want to see this kid achieve her dream. I think I have found someone to believe in. Someone brave who can't be bought.
Now to all those who hate this CHILD so much I want it know that you are cowards and must be so damaged inside that you spout that kind of garbage online, in person or on TV. Most are trumpettes or work for the very companies that are destroying the planet. Excellent PR choice. You went with hate and rejected the idea of inviting her to talk to you to see what she knows and how she can help your company be more 'green'. That is not a dirty word. Great things come from small beginning.
Yes, Great is on the spectrum and we can have conversation about that to educate the ignorant about what her 'condition' is really all about. The haters look upon this as a her weakness, but this is her super power. It gives her a laser focus on the issue she has made her life's work. The 1% should be shitting their pants. She doesn't need you and all your evil negativity bounces off her because of the overwhelming love the planet has for her. She is the Golden Child that starts the revolution that will save it all. You either get on board or we leave you behind and we resist your efforts to further destroy this planet just for MORE money than you could ever spend in a lifetime. Time to reverse some trends that have exploited all of us since the Hudson's Bay Company. Time for a little more of that good old fashioned Socialist redistribution of the wealth. Not communism. FAIR Capitalism that rewards the effort and does not exploit it's people for pennies on the dollar.One that tries to improve the standard of living for all it's residents. We all rise together because if we don't that is how we will fall -together.
 If you fight the change that is coming, you will lose. So, if you have anything but love and respect for Greta Thunberg then you are on Team Greta. I will listen to your expression of admiration for her all day. I however WILL NOT tolerate any hate directed at this child. If you do that online or within earshot of me you will not enjoy the result. If I know you are a hateful pieces of shit I will block you. I hope I don't discover that someone I love online and consider to be my TRIBE (a distinction I only bestow on those I love the very most - but you didn't hear my confess that.) doesn't believe in global climate change or refers to this girl's mental state in a derogatory manner. But if that happens I will ghost you online. But not before ripping you a new digital asshole SO BAD that you block me mid conversation just to stop the beating. I offer the same service to homophobes, transphobes, and racist members of Nazi parties. I am cutting you loose for the good of the TRIBE. I thought I cleaned out the rats that support trump but if any of you Greta haters remain I will digitally remove you from my life. No time for your bullshit now that the REVOLUTION is coming. If you are too afraid to join up and save the planet then you can watch it all happen before you on TV or online. I am sure they will both televise and live stream it.
This son of a bitch is an embarrassment to Canada. He needs to be put on a chunk of polar ice and pushed into the ocean till his ice melts from global warming and the polar bears eat him.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

They call/called Joan of Arc mentally ill too. I hope Greta gets this year's Nobel Peace Prize!