Saturday, December 30, 2023

From The Caturday Files


Rebel Moon

Once again Zach Synder proves that when he directs, produces and write the movie that he serves no masters in a way that does justice to whatever he had hoped to create. The film is full of derivative ideas, boring characters and barely a story to be found - and THIS garbage is only part one. Maybe Netflicks would do better off giving some notes as well as whatever hundred millions they already have invested in the production but everyone seemed to just leave Synder alone to his own devices. The film is a waste of time especially that the sequel has already been greenlit. I hope there won't be a third which I can guarantee you doesn't deserve to be made and would never be made if regular box office was the measure of a film. This one will lose million and million of dollars just so one man's ego could be satisfied.  It want to be the new Star Wars for a new audience but I discovered that Star Wars is a perfectly good series of movies that hit like a bot of lighting. Star Wars is totally derivative but does something with those tried and true ideas. The only thing Rebel Moon hits me with is a deep sense of regret and anger. Do yourself a favor that miss the first chapter so you don't feel like you need to watch the next chapters which no doubt be as crappy as this first chapter. The film could only scratch out a barely meager 23 percent score which should you all you need to know. I hated it.

Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Wednesdays With Wonder Woman