Thursday, December 31, 2015

There Is Only ONE Squirrel Girl For Me


Fridays With The Furies


Box Art Images For DC Super Hero Girls

I am going to need to get all six at both sizes (six and twelve inches) I think. This was the exact reason I passed on some figures this year (Batman Animated re-makes) so that I would have the cash to buy the great ones I really want to enrich my collection. Could be the year of the girl at the Collection of Cool. I usually look for all the girl figures in a line already since they are rarer and harder to find. For every one hundred Iron Men they make, they only made 1 Black Widow. There are even complaints with the latest Force Awakens toys. Many of the characters come in several style and sizes but not Rey. She has TWO sized figures and that is it. She isn't even included with the new Millennium Falcon as she should be.

Morning Captions


Modern Trailer For The Empire Strikes Back Is EPIC

Johnny Clegg And Jaluka

I loved this album in University. Scatterings of Africa. Great global tunes from South Africa's favorite white son.

Zootopia Trailer

I love one's like this with all the little side gags to look out for.

Thursday Image Blizzard