Thursday, April 30, 2015

I Knew These Two Were To Blame


Angry At What Is Happening In Baltimore

I have been disgusted all week with coverage from Baltimore. I read many things online that explain the conditions in the city before the riots and if any city was ready to explode it would have been that one. I remember while I watched the WIRE (which was set in Baltimore) thinking that the city had more problems than it could ever fix, just like Detroit - another suffering city that I know much about having watched their new coverage for decades. They were once the source city for one of our American cable stations.

But in the end, newscasts and stories online are never going to help me to fully understand what the people of color are going through this week and for decades now.

I am white. I live in a nice neighborhood where drug dealers are not selling on my corners. My school are well maintained sanctuaries of learning. I was raised with a father in the home and I had access to recreation opportunities that led enrichment to my life. I grew up feeling loved and that I could accomplish much if I followed the rules.  My chances of succeeded in such an environment and not ending up in prison were pretty high. I am not an endangered species in my own community and I can trust that the cops won't shot me dead over a simple traffic stop.

Now a young man in Baltimore has all these challenges and none of my advantages. What are his chances to reach 18 without being killed or on his way to jail? Is there anything that can break the cycle of poverty that is the root of protests like this? How can this continue to happen in what is suppose to be 'post racial' America? It happens because the media have lost their true mission.

So when I see rich white assholes like Geraldo Rivera and Fox News take their anti-protestor biases to the scene of the riots I get angry. I was so glad to see that he was confronted by a very articulate young man but Geraldo wouldn't stop to talk to him. He needed to listen and do his job as a reporter. But Geraldo stopped being a reporter the minute he decided he preferred to be celebrity. He is not there to learn anything. Geraldo thought he would just drift in and solve he crisis BECAUSE he is Geraldo and has an ego a miles wide. But as you see this grinning idiot walk away from the kid, I hope you feel my rage for him and all the media that has gotten this story wrong from the beginning.

Sensationalism and violence are bread and butter to the media and they will always show up when there is chaos. What they fail to do is provide much context as to why the riots happened in the first place. There is no understanding for the war zone like conditions the people of Baltimore already live in. There will be no one to rebuilt and heal when the protest ends as the nation forgets what happened in Baltimore. Where is the media telling good news stories of the community. Where is the media putting public officials to the fire who do little to change condition in a city they were elected to run?

Buck Showalter, manager of the Baltimore Orioles, on race. This is the way the question needs to be answered.


Comic Covers This Week

Evening Cosplay


Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse by MeganMissfit


Three From Riddle

With many people heading to theatres to see AVENGERS - AGE OF ULTRON this weekend it's a good time to remind everyone that the Wasp is still waiting for her turn at the big screen spotlight. The character was all over several of the most older Avenger's cartoon series and we can always use another strong female on the team. I know they want to avoid the 'abused woman' storyline with Ant Man (that was explored by the comic book in the 70s) because maybe a superhero movie is not the best place to make a comment about important social issue.

Tell Me This Doesn't Look Cool

The Ikea 'Divorcemaker'

As part of the therapy process, Durvasula sometimes asks that her couples assemble a big piece of furniture at their home, then come back and tell her how it went. She notes that while some items are relatively easy, something like the Liatorp—with its many drawers and glass panels—she calls "The Divorcemaker."

Can you imagine having to put this together without a power screwdriver? Construction of such a piece should only be done by poorly paid illegal immigrants and then delivered to my home. If you can't make that happen then maybe I don't want this unit in my home. How much do you actually save at Ikea by doing the hard work yourself? Has anyone ever run the numbers?

Lost A Follower Again

I know I haven't been post that much this week. I have not really felt inspired lately and it cost me a follower. Again, I view this as a deliberate action because most people wouldn't care who they follow. It's a gift you give someone when you appreciate their blog even if you only visit it that first time by accident. I would never search through my followers list to remove someone. But then again for some people I may post too much and they hate always seeing my crap on their feed. Either way it always bothers me.

Thank to all the people who still take the time out of their day to check out my balloon juice. Some days all I need is that little bit of validation.


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

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