Friday, July 31, 2009

Dance Monkey Dance

When the music started no one got their grove on better than the Peanuts gang. Even Pigpen could cut a rug. These foldout directions by artist Candy Chang are very cool. I love that they also come with the footwork needed to look uber cool. Thanks for Super Punch for always finding these amazing things.

Cool Story Telling

I love this monologue by Robert Shaw as Quint in 'Jaws'. You can just imagine the scene as he remembers the worst moment of his life. Spielberg really had his mojo working for this movie which is widely recognized as the first summer blockbuster that started the whole big summer popcorn movie trend. I remember seeing it at the Drive-In with my father and its a movie experience one never forgets. I watched it again this morning and even though I know how it ends its still exhilarating to see each time.

More On My Boy Akibono Taro

Well the summer Hobasho is over. For me the Grand Tournament is as necessary to my summer as Shark Week. When I think of Sumo I can't help but remember the contributions Chad Rowen (or as he is know in the sport - Akibono) has made to the sport. 'Mental Floss' has a post up about great sports champions and I was tickled to see him get a nod. He is as large (no pun intended) to his sport as Gretsky is to hockey.

"The only slim thing about sumo wrestling is the chance of becoming a yokozuna, or grand champion. Throughout the centuries, only 69 men have done it. Before Hawaii’s Chad Rowan stomped into the ring, no foreigner had ever held the honor. Of course, improbable things can happen when you stand 6’8” and weigh more than 500 lbs.—gigantic even by sumo standards. After abandoning a college basketball scholarship due to arguments with his coaches, Rowan threw himself into sumo. In 1988 he went to Japan with only a single set of clothes and a limited knowledge of Japanese. But Rowan wasn’t there to chitchat. Within a year, the quick study had learned how to use his towering height to make devastating thrusts at opponents’ throats. That March, he made his professional debut as Akebono—“dawn” in Japanese—an ironic moniker for a man who could block out the sun. As Rowan’s victories piled up and his Japanese improved, he won more and more fans. His jovial demeanor didn’t hurt, either. In January 1993, Akebono was promoted to yokozuna—a title he held until retirement. By the time he was ready to hang up his belt in 2001, he’d racked up 566 wins and 11 division championships."


"So I like oranges. You got a problem with that, bitch?"

War ...What is it Good For?

"During the last 3,500 years, it is estimated that the world has had a grand total of 230 years in which no wars took place. That is enough to make one wonder whether there is any benefit at all to the “peace movement”."

So what you are saying is that its not my fault if I want to bitch slap every forth person I interact with? Always good to know.

Beer Summit 09

How cool is this? Obama cures the racial divide over beers. Is there anything that man can't do? Well he didn't cure it but he used his genius to at least show that there is always a better way than hatred or bigotry. This incident could have been something that Professor Gates could have exploited for his own gain or to work up the African American population. That's an Al Sharpton kind of thing. Instead he choose to take the high road and showed all of us what a compassionate and intelligent person he is. He made this into a teachable moment that both races needed to hear. I loved the interview with Officer Crowley who said that both their families met up with each other accidentally during a tour of the White House and after introductions continued the tour TOGETHER. That was for all you haters out there. Crowley and Gates plant to meet again and I hope they become great friends. (Can you imagine them talking like buddies talk - giving each other the business - "Remember when I handcuffed you and you were all - gimme your badge number." And Gates would reply - "Yeh you got me there...never leave the house...never leave the house..DOH"!) Maybe this will be the start of a real serious talk about race in America. On another note I bet Clinton was wishing that he too had brought beers to the Middle East. A couple cold ones would have solved that little problem lickety split.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Am I Obsessive?

I was thinking just now about a comment Dr Monkey left on a post of mine about how I am obsessive in my blogging (He didn't say it was a bad thing). It gave me pause to think. Do I really give to much time to this blog and my other writing projects and is that a bad thing overall to my life and my happiness? I spend so much of my day writing and looking at things around the internet that when I see something that interests me I just have to post about it. To me, its like having a conversation with someone that is living with me (something that will NEVER happen since no one ever loved me that much). Since for the most part I am alone in my world I surely would have died by now having to keep everything inside my own head because I wasn't able to have an outlet for my passions and opinions. For example, today some really awesomely fucked up things happened on the UK version of Big Brother. I am dying to talk with someone about it who knows the show like I do. Can you imagine how frustrating and lonely that makes a person feel? I have no unexpressed thoughts in my head and maybe that is a bad thing but I have come to accept that its the 'magic that is me'. Just look how one word got this post started. I have no problem keeping up with my prolific pace and I am sure that many people see it as a bad thing. Like maybe I should get a life..a real life. But trust me, my life online is so much better than my life ever was in the real world. I feel like I have been blessed with having the financial freedom not to have to go to work everyday so I can devote my time to things I care about. Online I feel that I actually have people to talk to and share things with...things that we both find interesting. None of my real world friends ever were into action figures or cartoons or comic books or television to the degree that I am. None of them share my hatred for the cephalopods (okay that one I admit to being obsessive over). I have no interest to talk sports all the time if ever. At my age its a waste of my time to interact with people who don't 'get' me. That may have worked when I was younger but it doesn't now. I have written a book and three graphic novels in the past year aside from constantly posting on my blog. I made a promise to my father when he died that I would take at least a year and do what I always dreamed of doing. I feel I have fulfilled that promise to him. I know if he was still with me he would be all over this blog stuff. The man knew a good thing when he saw it. In a way this entire effort is a tribute to him. Thank you Dr Monkey for giving me an honest diagnosis. In defending myself I have found the strength not to care what other people think. Like the lesson I learned from Riess over at Geek Orthodox, I don't write for anyone else but myself. When others appreciate that effort its icing on the cake.

Classic Kleenex

Remember...He is Only SIX!

Just take a look at the watercolor work of SIX year old Kieron Williamson. If I didn't know better I would have sworn these were by Monet. His mastery of color and shape makes all would be artists like myself want to cry. And just look at that use of perspective. WOW. I believe that there is a part of the right brain that either develops or doesn't develop in people. I can see the image in my head but I am unable to translate it to the paper despite all the artist classes and summer workshops I have attended. To have found such a skill at such a young age pretty much sets the path for this kid's entire life. I hope he sells a ton of paintings and gains all the fame that is his due. In the article they mention that he sent paintings to the Queen and Prince Charles to ask for their patronage. Now that would be a great use of their money. Aristocrats have always funded the arts and particular artists. Without such patrons the world would have been robbed of some of its greatest works. Cool stuff. Did I mention that he is only SIX?

If you need any further proof of this boy's talents I show you a watercolour painting by the GOD of impressionist painting, Claude Monet. What do you say now bitches?

Mego Redux

Ooooo I think I am gonna faint. It seems that Mattel is going to be re-releasing one of the greatest toy lines of all time - the Mego World's Greatest Superheroes. Who of us didn't love those as a kid (well I know ONE person but she is anti cloth clothing on any action figure)? I love the Sinestro but would prefer to see him in his new Yellow outfit but I can get over that. We get a Green Lantern too? Oh baby sign me up for these. Like the He-Man line, Mattel should institute a collectors club that allows you to buy them directly from the company or get each new figure shipped out to you monthly, say over a year. Action figures in the mail box? There I go getting all dizzy again. Thanks to 'Wonderful Wonderblog' for the news.

Greatest Title for a Book EVER!

Thanks again to Super Punch for making my head explode by showing this awesome book's title. I had a birthday recently. Should I be hurt that a terrorist organization didn't personally wish me a happy day?

The Airing of the Grievances - 1

My boy Electric Cerebrectomy (THE Samurai Frog) had a great post where he gets out a bunch of his gripes at one time. I have decided to do the same because in the words of Frank Constanza during the 'airing of the grievances' part of the Festivas dinner, "I got a lot of problems with you people".

Less than 1% of people (roughly 250) who visit my site daily actually comment on anything I have written. Phronk reminded me that there is an inverse relationship between how great a post is to the number of people who comment on it. Makes me appreciate all the more those who take the time to acknowledge the effort since all my stuff is GOLD BABY...GOLD! I know myself that I try to react and make a positive comment most every time I visit someone on my blog roll. There are many people who revisit my site who never comment. Can you tell me why that is?

Tublrs are great. I love being able to zip through the images and yes, I do nick the ones that I like. I might never credit where I got them from but I don't think those who post them on their tumblr expect that. If I find something on someone's regular blog I do give them credit. Its just that I often forget which tumblr I got the image from. Am I wrong in my thinking on this?

My mighty writing is powerful indeed. I posted earlier last week that there was alot of tension and family strife over an upcoming wedding and the way that certain family members were being selfish and petty. As of yesterday people who were not invited suddenly GOT invited and those who were not allowed to stay at my cousins large house are now allowed to. Seems like all it took was for the black sheep to get involved. That is what I do. You got yourself a problem, just bring it to me and I will bitch slap you a solution.

This week President Obama is planning to meet with Harvard professor Henry Gates and the cop who arrested him outside his own home. I think is was brilliant to suggest that all three of them meet at the White House for a beer to discuss the incident and try to find some common ground. But now some idiot is criticising Obama's choice of beer (Bud Light in case you were wondering). Are you freakin kidding me? It seems that if the man went for a walk they would be all over him for choosing to lead with his left foot instead of his right. THIS is why nothing ever gets done in American politics. Though I do like the term 'Beer Summit'.

Fans of uber freak Michael Jackson are actually trying to get him nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. For what? For looking like a noseless ghost? For abusing little boys? Give me a break and seal him and his glove in concrete and lets all move on. All he ever did was use his immense fame and fortune to become even weirder and they don't give you an award for that. If they did then the Cave of Cool would be the next Graceland.

With a majority in the US Senate, the House of Representatives and with a President from their party, the Democrats still can't get a decent health care bill that covers the majority of my American brothers and sisters. From wimp ass Harry Reed to the Blue Dog Dems everyone seems to be looking out more for themselves than for the people they were elected to represent. If ever there was a reason to bomb and pave Washington and start over again it is now. Say what you will about Canada but we wouldn't take that shit from our government for ten seconds. Grow a pair America and demand what is right.

How fricken beautifully messed up is the UK version of Big Brother? Let me set the stage here. Marcus 'fancies' Noreen but Noreen only wants to be friends. One of Marcus' best friends in the house also fancies Noreen. His name is Siavash. Noreen and Siavash have been sleeping in the same bed and kissing or 'snogging' for the past week. This has driven a wedge between Marcus and Siavash. Marcus, who was Noreens biggest supporter and best friend stopped talking to the fickle girl and his buddy Siavash after it got out that Siavash and Noreen were a house 'couple'.(earlier house mate Tom also caught Noreen's fancy but he bailed on the show because of all the 'drama' going on with the housemates) Today, the truly evil people that run the show sent in Noreen's American ex-boyfriend which is not only messing with Siavash but also Marcus. THIS is why I don't watch soap operas. People's real lives - despite it being a reality TV show, are so much more interesting. To quote Siavash, "OMG, this is so bad its just not funny. Is this actually happening?" Now imagine him saying that with a British accent. If Noreen gets booted tomorrow from the house then Marcus and Siavash are stuck with the new guy, Noreen's ex. Bloody genius, as the Brits would say.

A few days ago several New Jersey mayors and several Rabis were arresting in a complicated scheme that involved money laundering and THE SELLING OF HUMAN ORGANS. Are you FREAKIN KIDDING ME? Men of god involved in the organ trade? What, not enough drugs or underage prostitution for you to make money from? Are those avenues too 'dirty' to sully your hands with? Again...let me reinterate...WTF? I have this image of Rabis with coolers walking around the state till someone dies or someone living sells them a kidney out the back of a van.

Yeh, I Know Its in French

If you don't understand the words then maybe you should move to a bilingual country you monolinguals. Sorry, that was rude. Just a bit sensitive about my country today if you read some of the octopus hate speech I have been dealing with all morning. This extra length clip shows some action from the new GI Joe movie. You don't need to understand the words to be lovin on the great eye candy. Does this thing look craptastically great or what? I love the way they are learning how to work the accelerator suits on the job while being smashed and bashed by the cars in traffic. And that Snake got some mad skills.

We Will Be Ready

This was originally designed for earthquake survival but now I am fitting all the kitties in the neighborhood with these disaster kits. 'Check and Mate' to my cephalopod enemies and your human thralls.

"Earthquake-prone Japan has a market for these suits that you strap onto your cats and dogs so that they can survive for days after a major earthquake. Each suit contains all of the necessary gear including water, biscuits, aromatherapy oils, and rubber foot pads, all contained in the pockets of a flame-resistant coat."


A guy gets up from a bad sleep and he finds all kinds of octopus propaganda on his computer. Did I just wake up in Crazytown? Now even my beloved skeletons are growing tentacled beards. Someone hold me. Oh Super Punch. You still love me don't you?

She Turned On Me

OMG. Just when you think someone is your friend she stabs you in the back and drops your dying body into the octopus tank at the aquarium. Oh Nicole. So that is what heartache feels like. Human collaborators, I never would have thunk it. And those of you at the meeting, that guy with my name tag is NOT me. Don't let it in. Oh look, she created a happy little Canadoctipus flag so she and her inky buddies can have somewhere to enjoy their poutine.

Art Installation or Children's Platter

Oh I see. Somehow this green bastard got stuck in the building. SOMEHOW? It was deliberate I tell ya...DELIBERATE!!!! Those poor children inside. Yes, it was a multifloored day care centre. THE HORROR! I really gotta stop all this yelling. Thanks to Wings for the find.

"An artist calling himself ‘FilthyLuker’ installed inflatable octopus tentacles in the windows of an unnamed building in June of 2009, making it appear as if the building is being devoured by a bright green kraken that somehow emerged from the sea and got stuck inside.?"

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

America, I Am There For You

I know you will all take one look at this print and lose hope. I know we have wasted many years while slowly the tentacles of evil have attempted the squeeze the life out of your nation. This SO explains the Republicans. But take heart fellow revolutionaries. We here at the Cephalopod Destruction Society have been working on our own plans for some time now. We hear your cries and we will be there when the battle begins. Until that time it may be helpful to sit in the corner with a wet newspaper over your head while eating a peach. Works for me and since they are illiterate and fear the peach you should be safe for the time being from the octopus menace. Thanks to Super Punch for reminding us all that shining the light of truth on our many armed adversary will always produce positive results. I hope you noticed that these bitches never even tried to alter the Canadian flag because they know we would have beaten them down with our snow shovels and hockey sticks.

Just Because Canada Is So Freakin' Awesome

He Didn't Give You Gay Did He?

Marge - "Didn't John seem a little FESTIVE to you?

Homer - "Yeh, great guy. We should have him and his wife over for dinner sometime."

Marge - "Homer, he prefers the company of MEN!"

Homer - "Who doesn't?"

Cosplay That is Deliciously Evil

mmmmm Baroness bookends.

Great Cosplay Costume or GREATEST Cosplay Costume?

"He's a bad mutha"


"But I'm only talking about Cage"

I Know This Guy

And he is FREAKIN' me out!

Nom Nom Nom

I am so hungry right now I could eat one of these.

Hanna Montana as Catwoman?

I know the movie business is full of rumors and thankfully the strangest of these never come to pass. But I have heard from several sources that there is buzz about Miley Cyrus being cast as Catwoman in the next Batman movie. Now either Christopher Nolan is on the glue again or is following the logic I showed earlier with my interest in seeing Mike Tyson play B.A. Baracus is the big screen version of the 'A-Team'. On the face of it, it would be a brilliant move. Take one Disneyfide pop star and allow her to grow up by playing a big girl role that definitely goes against type. The pre-release buzz would be HUGE and would bring in the younger crowd. Nolan, however, may not want to make the next feature so kid friendly. If the filmmakers introduce a young Robin, they might also go for a young Catwoman to balance the evil with the good. We all know that two villains have to appear in any superhero flick so making an older say Riddler, with a young Catwoman could work. I just don't want it to go to an obvious choice like a Megan Fox or whomever is the new flavor of the week. But then again maybe I am on the glue and there is a reason why I am not making casting decisions. Is it wrong to want to see something different for a change?

Cool Victorian Postcards

These are great steampunk postcards from a time when anything seemed possible. No wonder those times are such fertile grounds for the imagination. What must it have been like to be just on the cusp of the industrial age when it was believed that science and invention could solve all of the ills of society. Every future was utopian as opposed to dystopian. The potential of all seemed limitless. Jules Verne obviously inspired these creations. Thanks to Io9 for the find.