Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Obamacare? You Betcha!

I am a student of American politics and government so it was with great interest that I watched President Obama's speech on health care reform tonight. I live in a great 'socialist' (like its a bad thing...jeez) nation where the welfare of its people is something that actually matters. I get so angry and disillusioned for my US brothers and sisters when I see the 'do nothing' Republicans (and to be fair some Democrat politicians) hate on everything positive anyone tries to do just because it means giving the President a victory. That kind of shallow political opportunism is sad from such a great nation. The 'god and guns' crowd have no problem telling everyone else how they should live while not following their own advice. You all know what specifically I am talking about. That insurance companies can make insane profits while denying care that people have paid for through their policies is a crime against humanity. If they have millions to pump into their fight against any change to the status quo then they have millions to provide and not deny care. Any hypocrite that takes money from the insurance industry then fights against change while claiming its GOOD for the American people deserves to be taken out to the woodshed. But one again they underestimate the charm and intelligence of my brother Barack. Once again his words are a bitch slap to his critics. No wonder they are so afraid and will do anything to defeat this man. His actually wants whats best for his country and is willing to take on all comers to make sure that the right kind of change happens. Great President? or GREATEST President. I am gonna call it right now. In 8 years come back here and read this post again if you doubt. Good on ya mate. Go kick some ass.

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aironlater said...

I couldn't agree more. Living in a small city in Western Kentucky, I am continually bombarded with fringe-conservative ideology at every turn. Most of the population in this region is white, middle-class, and religious. They are of the financial set that suffered most under the Bush "tax-cuts" and stand to gain more under the Obama adminstration than they could possibly imagine. But, like the willfully ignorant mass that they are, they believe that their very lives have been ruined. they think their jobs will be gone tomorrow and many actually follow the birther thesis that Obama is not an American citizen. It's a very shocking world to have to suffer through from day to day.