Friday, January 31, 2014

I Refuse To Travel Without This Luggage


Penguins Is Practically Chickens

Looks like indigenous fowl is on the menu tonight.

History of Cats: Susan Herbert



Cool Squirrel Girl And Wonder Woman Cosplay By Bevan Marie







Mega Morning Captions


Comic Pages Of The Day - Superman And Captain Marvel


This is a bigger deal than some of you might think, because Superman is one of the heroes in the DC Universe who keeps his secret identity pretty damn secret, because as probably the most powerful and influential person on earth, a lot of people do not wish him well - and would jump at the chance to hold people dear to him as leverage.

Yet, he trusts this poor, scared little kid. To comfort him, and entrust him with his biggest secret - just as Billy did for him.

Superman is just really important, ok?