Monday, January 27, 2014

Hammer Horror Films - The Mummy

From the Hammer House Of Horror comes their version of The Mummy. Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee as the title character. For a monster movie it's pretty dull going for most of this one though the atmosphere and the performance of Lee are particularly good. Karas is the saddest Mummy ever on film and Christopher Lee conveys that emotion all with his eyes, as he spends most of the movie swaths in the Mummy's signature bandages. 
This was just the kind of movie that they showed us during the Saturday afternoon mega matinees of my youth. We would call this one the 'B' movie. At age 9 this one might have freaked me out a bit but as an adult I found my mind wandering a bit as I waited for an ending that I could see coming from down the block.



Wings1295 said...

Not my favorite, but I still love it. Have seen it more than my fair share! :)

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

Easily in my top ten best movie posters of all time. That light shine-through effect and the eeriness of the figure is just too cool.

I grew up on the Universal classics in middle school but I wish I had known about the Hammer films sooner because I'm sure I'd have devoured them up in the same way.

Kal said...

I am on a Hammer Film binge right now. I watched The Castle the other day and not The Mummy.

Mike D. said...

Chtistopher Lee dislocated his shoulder busting through the French doors. But did not let on until they completed the shooting of the scene that day.
I love this movie actually and favor it over all the Lon Chaney Jr. films. But nothing beats Boris. The Tom Tyler was great too.
Awesome effect they used on the eyes.