Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Daily Pumpykin - October 1st

What a magnificent delusional bastard that Linus is. Always the dreamer - he deserves to be deported to Latvia. But in honor of the madness I am joining the 31 days of October Celebration by posting a Daily Pumpykin to amuse and delight everyone who is only a month away from that delicious bag of mixed candy - minus of course the evil that is the orange paper wrapped 'BLACK CAT' caramels. They are the worst candy EVER and are the last candy left in your bag around Christmas. But I digress. Looking forward to seeing what sexy superhero everyone is dressing up for this year especially YOU Lisa Mynx.

He'll Save Every One Of Us

Best Sweater EVER!

Disney Girls By J. Scott Campbell

You know Walt's head is spinning in that frozen tank he's in. Campbell's stuff is that perfect mix between Manga and western comic book influences. You either love it or hate it. Guess where I fall in that debate?

The Mouse

Hannah reminded me how great the Canadian comedy troupe 'Kids in the Hall' are. Produced by Lorne Michaels (yes that diaper wearer) they were unafraid to do anything and show what SNL could and SHOULD have been after all these years if not for the timidity of the US Networks and Michaels himself. Another reason why Canada rocks the world bitches. This is my favorite bizzaro sketch of theirs. Like most of their stuff you either 'get' it or you don't.

Technically He's Not A Orphan

When your mother leaves you at the orphanage that is COLD baby! Talk about your hard sell advertising. Like threatening to kill a puppy if kids don't use their allowance to buy candy.

If You Get This Diagram

You are my people. If not, get your punk ass off my lawn. I am trimming the hedges today and I can easily trim YOU while I am at it. (What does that even MEAN?)

If I Could Return To Childhood

It would be ONLY to have THIS bike to ride. Only the coolest retro-inspired bike EVER! You get this for your kid because you have this deep love for Evel Knievil and all he says is, "Who the hell is Bevel the Weavle?"

NOW You All Can Comment

I think I have fixed the problem there was with leaving a comment and got sitemeter back working. I feel like I just rebuilt my life and am pretty impressed with myself that I saved everything. Now, if someone can help me by trying to leave me a message when this post shows up on your Google Reader I would be most thankful.

In Celebration Of The New Movie Starting

Resident Evil: Afterlife Starts Production in Toronto

Such a boring title for a news story that basically has me wetting my panties. I'm not usually one of those people who follow films from the start of production to release. I only have been following 'Iron Man' because the confident filmmakers have no fear that releasing anything will affect the box office. Build anticipation and reward the fans that made the first film such a worldwide hit. Now THIS film I will follow as much as I can. I make no apologies for the fact that I love me some Milla and especially love me some 'Resident Evil Milla'. Watching her do that 'off the wall kicking the dog in the head with boots and a high slitted red dress' move in the first film was one of my favorite action stunts EVER. Especially the look of surprise on her face when she landed because she had pulled it off. The end of part 3 promised the inclusion of 100 or more 'Millas' going batshit crazy against a world full of zombies. Can you imagine that many kickass action angels, each with their own style and weaponry, let loose on the street and especially, let loose on the evil, EVIL Umbrella Corporation (oooooo I hates me some Umbrella Corporation). After all, Alice DID promise she was coming after them and I would hate for my girl to be shown to be a liar. If I was the filmmakers I would go totally off the wall crazy with this one. Use the CGI for what it was meant to be use for - shock and awe. Paul W. Anderson is directing and writing and he knows this franchise. I don't think he will let me down.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Thaw

Starring Val Kilmer this is the story of a Yukon global warming research station that comes across a pristine Wooly Mammoth buried in the bit of remaining ice found at that time of year. As we all know NOTHING buried in the ice ever unthaws in a good way. This time its insect parasites (much like my much feared and hated botflies) that infect humans and animals with their bite. Its the 'cabin fever' scenario. You know everyone is dead once the first person starts to display symptoms. It doesn't help that they start to scratch their open wounds. The results are not too pleasant to watch as you would believe and the excellent make-up only enhances the creep factor. I hate movies like this because I always start to get itchy just watching the characters on the screen scratch. If you have a bug fetish you might not want to watch this film. The filmmakers show us a glimpse of the future right away so we suspect what is going on right from the start. That can often lead to becoming annoyed with the characters who take forever to understand what is happening to them. Once I saw what happened to the dead I would be burning EVERYTHING around me and I do love a good fire. This film creeped me out but good.


Creepy Little Lulu by Jon Adams

Just Adorable

This is one of the best representations of the solar system and their invidual quirks that I have even seen. Perfect for teaching about the planets for the lower elementary kids.

Images From The Tentacle Wars

Here we go again. Even with these frustrating blog problems (I lost my sitemeter so I won't know my hit count and may have to restart from zero again - grrrrr) Big Daddy still has the time to look out for YOU, fool. This time we put you on notice to watch all wine stores and children's tricycles. Seems they are being collect by our bulbheaded enemies for some nefarious purposes. Or maybe they just want to get drunk and ride around the sea floor. Either way they are up to no good as usual. Got to give a big shout out to the cute snorkeler who seems to have the right idea about getting up close and personal with the sea life. I hope that fish she speared is the same one that brushed up against my leg last year. He's had it coming for awhile.

Simon's Cat - Hot Spot

The classic 'Simon's Cat' series has a new entry. Love that cat.

Sometime The Problem Is Right In Front Of Your Eyes

My thanks and love to Lisa Mynx for saving my sanity and giving me healthy suggestions on how to fix my blog. Not totally happy with some things but I fixed enough of it to carry on. Who knew I was such a delicate little hothouse orchid? Well everyone does but that is beside the point.

Just Funny

Where Is THIS X-Men Comic?

I tried to fix my stupid blog and look. Damn picture on the right. Or is that just my view? I see writing, directly to the left of the X-Men picture. Is that what you all see? Its NOT what I intend. Usually the picture is on the left of the column and the righting is either above or below. I never even had writing to the SIDE of the picture, ever. Now I will just have to live with this and it will annoy me. I am serious. I don't even want to post for fear of it looking horrible.


I do nothing but THINK about changing my blog designs to accomodate the vids and BOOM...everything gets screwed up and look crappy now. I touched NOTHING. If it doesn't fix itself I may not be posting for a bit because I hate to put out a sloppy product. Its just the artist in me. To quote Lisa Mynx. "I hate everything".

Cool Lego Steampunk

These are amazing designs. I can't believe all the beautiful work you can do with Legos these days. Like I said before, when I was a kid it was only rectangles, squares and if you were lucky doors and windows. Old school baby. If you want to check out more go to the link.

Coolest Comic Written By Some Emo Band's Lead Singer (And Should Be A Movie) That You Aren't Reading But Should Be


"Pooh was a bear of enormous size."