Sunday, September 27, 2009

Airing of the Grievance 5-b

Got my panties in a bunch again. Fricken NBC denied use of the video of U2s performances on last night's Saturday Night Live. The second song was brilliant and got me totally interested in a band I thought I had left behind years ago. Soulful and beautiful with a section in the middle that celebrated the fact that the biggest band in the WORLD was on the flagship show of NBC. How stupid are those wankers to not want worldwide attention like that. It was perfect for both because that performance was TIGHT. I just want to strangle some suit right now. If Lorne Michaels had any balls left in his adult diaper he would be raising holy hell. Seems only Krazy Kanye sticks his neck out like that anymore. Too bad. This is a terrific song. I love the cover by this unknown guy I saw on the stinkin 'You Tubes' so fuck you U2, fuck NBC.


Robert McKinney said...

Personally, my biggest peeve was the fact that they cut the show off when they were in the middle of 'Ultraviolet'. I love that song, and wish I had been able to see the whole thing. In fact, except for them and Weekend Update, the episode was as dull as dishwater. I can barely remember any of the sketches, and that usually never happens for me.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Yeh, I agree. Weak host really shows. Kristen Wig, Bill Hader and Fred Armistad are still GOLD though.