Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Airing of the Grievances 5-a

They can make a delicious non-cheese cheese-like product that comes out of a can but they can't make a lid for my fruit cup that doesn't spill juice all over me every time I open it. Its like performing bomb detonation to pull that cover off before the juice explosion gets me. If I don't have the patience for watching TV commercials during my favorite shows, what makes you think I have the patience necessary to take a half hour to peel the lid off my fruit cup? Its insidious. I can SEE the fruit but I just can't get at it without wearing a juice poncho.

WHY are there no such things as JUICE PONCHOS? Don't tell me its because its a stupid idea. Didn't you just read what I had to say about the fruit cups? You think I am the only one with fruit cup 'issues'?

Regular TV is ruined for me now. I watched some today and I started to get the shakes. Commercials, dumb ass promos, more commercials, I can't take it. I am so used to watching WHOLE SEASONS of shows in one compressed period of time (like the TV GODS intended mind you) without freakin' ads. I can't wait for weekly episodes. 'Survivor' I can, 'Amazing Race' I can...reality shows I can. I think. I hope. But a week between my last unseen 'Big Bang Theories'? That is just insanity. I am into season five of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' then that will be gone to weekly madness. No more Wire or Burn Notice. How do the unplugged peasants without satellite do it? Don't tell me they have 'lives' because I don't believe it. I look outside my window. They only LOOK happy on their bicycles built for four.


Surge said...

That's why the peasants are inbreeded

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

THANK YOU. Where have you been all my life?

Wings1295 said...

Same thing with those little pudding cups. I mean... is it pudding or some state secret that has to be sealed tighter than... ANYWAY, they need to be less glued on or something.

And DVR is how we watch most everything these days. Except the Red Sox games. :)