Friday, July 31, 2015

That Is A Fair And Reasonble Offer


Stay Crazy China

After several deadly escalator accidents in China in recent weeks, the government has started posting these signs to inform everyone on how to survive an encounter with this transport device. What if I can't make the jump across the chasm? Is that just a crappy day at the mall for me? Do I deserve to be ground up in the gears? The worst part is that usually this kind of thing is just left to be a danger to the poor people unfortunate enough to be too tired to climb the stairs.


Trump The Movie?


Not that my hatred for this guy needed any prompting, this looks like a fun thing to watch. I am sure I will find out that Trump was an asshole all along and that he has only become a larger pile of shit as he has gotten older.

From The Caturday Files


He's Got My Vote Now That He's Got A Decent Running Mate


MD Jackson Does It Again

There I nothing I love more than my own godly visage. Michael understood that when he designed and painted the Cave of Cool header that you see every time you visit. This is a great gift to me and hits me right where I live. I may say I have no friends but I am wrong. I may not get to see them daily but my Internet friends are real and the best because they love me regardless of my faults.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Ladies and Gentlement, I Have Been Invited To Podcast

I have three rules at the Cave of Cool.
1. I don't work BLUE (because I don't have too)
2. I don't accept guest posts because all this is MY creation (and no one every asked to do one.)
3. I don't podcast because I am afraid that I will not be charming and my voice will sound bad since like all Canadians, I don't have an accent. I am also fearful that I will sound foolish. But I have been asked by the group at GEEK FALLOUT to join one of their shows so I think I will give it a try and schmooze with those who have much more experience than me. In truth they are the first ones to ask me. I have been waiting a long time to be included in the fun.

When we record I will post the results here, good or bad and my long time visitors can be the judge. This was a request from some of my fans (the beautiful Michael Lynn) so be careful what you wish for. Sometimes you just might get it.


Fridays With The Furies