Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Will Rusty Die Tonight?

Nothing better than a new episode of Major Crimes. I have no hope that THIS will be the episode where Rusty dies because they seem to be pretty committed to his storyline this season. These Hollywood big shots don't understand how Rusty's horrible, grisly, bear involved death can be played for either comedy or drama. How the bear got into the apartment and mauled Rusty could be a fun story to tell. That is all I am saying. Plus these homicide investigators never had a freakin live bear to get a confession out of. It would change the landscape of series television. And we can then change the name of the show to BEAR POLICE which should have been the title of the show all along.

Damn, that's good writing.



david_b said...

The entire lingering Rusty storyline makes absolutely NO sense to me.

1) Does he actually have fans..?

2) It's only redeeming factor is it does allow for extra bathroom breaks..

Why can't we just have our loveable characters in the department and drop Rusty all-together..? I don't know anyone who likes him. At least Wesley Crusher didn't appear in every episode and he had a couple of good scenes in Next Gen.

What is he now.., 'boy detective'?

Now he even has a boyfriend..? Sheesh.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

He's CUB REPORTER/ BOY DETECTIVE. Why not just spin him off on his own YA show that I don't have to watch. Every time I see him I realize he isn't going anywhere. They might as well give him his own desk. Even his shrink is the cop's shrink.