Monday, July 27, 2015

Batman/Superman - The Trust

I just saw an article on the Facebooks about the problems people see with the likeability of both Batman and Superman. The article asks what mistakes the movies make with DC. Marvel is not perfect but Marvel has ALWAYS does relationships better. They are more about the relationships between characters who are forced to be together (Fantastic Four, Avengers, X-Men) than the more solitary Superman and Batman. Sure Batman has a whole Bat Family of characters but he is not the most cuddly of mentors.

Anyways, this is my response to how you can fix everything in the next Batman/Superman movie. Just remake this comic by Alex Ross and Chip Kidd as a key scene in the movie. It's not in English but you don't need to understand the words to understand what is happening here. You will never doubt the power of the relationship between Batman and Superman - a relationship of extreme trust. It's makes everything much more compelling. This is what DC needs to exploit.

They also got it right in this scene from Justice League Unlimited.  Superman lives in fear. He lives in fear of his own power. He needs Batman to be the one man who is smart enough to take him out if need be..for the good of all. That kind of trust is no minor thing.

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John Sholtz said...

Good observation! I have a feeling it may be just the direction they are going in. Or at least, I hope they are.