Saturday, July 25, 2015

Pixels Is Crap

I could have told you THE SECOND I saw the trailer for PIXELS that it was going to be a large steaming pile of llama poop. Going back to the 80s with their poor special effects did not inspire interest. Then I saw the cast and it made me sadder. How does Adam Sandler keep getting to make movies? He is devoid of talent and inspiration. After a summer of great movies how does one live with the fact that he made the WORST movie of the year, bar none? I won't see it because I don't need to. Popular opinion seems to affirm that I was right all along and I can waste my time with something good instead.

I hope Peter Dinklage got a shit ton of money to make this abomination.


j-swin said...

Adam Sandler keeps getting to make movies because he's the least common denominator. He's like that terrible Kevin James (who's still trying to fill the Chris Farley void) who tries to appeal to everyone yet is liked by no one. It's sad that Sandler used to make funny movies but decided to sell out.

Nathan said...

Sandler was recently in the news for offending Native American actors with racist jokes in his newest project. This was after Pixels had been completed, I think, but it's still bad timing. Still, what I think mostly annoys me about Pixels is that I kind of want to like a movie with Pac-Man in it, but this looks horrible.

M. D. Jackson said...

You know I was actually considering going to see this movie simply because of Peter Dinklage Thanks for bringing me back to my senses.

...and I hope you're proud of yourself, Dinklage!

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Oh he should hide under a kitchen chair in shame. Definitely a low point in Dinklage's career. They greats always have one of these on their resumes.

The reviews have been savage.