Monday, July 27, 2015

Damn That Hell On Wheels Is A Great Show

Just when I think I know everything, they go and introduce a new way for Bohannon to display his nobility and humanity. Such a great character moment. And the parts with him trying to drag a locomotive over the tops of the mountain passes is a thrilling piece of business. Only 12 more episodes to go and there will be no more HELL ON WHEELS. I beg you to start watching if you haven't already. More than worth your time.



DrGoat said...

I'm really going to miss this one. As much as Justified I think.
Characters are first rate, story is good, actors are perfect.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I agree. What ever will we watch next? I like THE LAST SHIP and THE STRAIN.

DrGoat said...

Good choices. Last Ship is good...I admit I haven't watched
The Strain. Will have to catch up on it. Black List should be back on soon. My mind's gone blank on any others right now. Been watching
Voyager and Monarch of the Glen on Netflix. Saw a really entertaining
documentary on Ginger Baker (drummer for Cream) called Beware Mr. Baker. Wow what a monumental grouch and all around obnoxious person.