Saturday, February 29, 2020

Cartman Is A Comedy Genius

Superman Red Son

"The press is the enemy of the people. Why would I let you twist my words and use them against me?" - Superman

I have great love for this story. It was from an corner of the DC Universe called Elseworld where events we already know from DC history are altered because of one small change in the way things originally happened in the comic book. Red Son asks what would happen if Superman landed in Ukraine and not Kansas. How would the World be any different with a Russian Superman?

The answer to that question is one of the all time greatest Superman stories surpassed only by the equally great Kingdom Come. So watching this film gives me hope that Kingdom Come will soon go into production.

The animation is solid and conforms to the DC 'house style'. And all your favorite heroes are here. Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Lois Lane, Lex Luthor among others. The music is also very inspirational and operatic like all Soviet music. The little details like that is what makes DC Animation so good. If only their live film division could match it's level of sophistication.

This one is also unique for other reasons. Lex Luthor is the real hero in this one and his relationship with his wife Lois Lane is interesting. She is still a feminist pain in the ass but she can back up her attitude with action. Lex is insufferably arrogant but this time it is charming and I actually enjoyed seeing him 'win' for once in his never ending battle against Superman.

In this world the Americans are the real fascists. Superman's philosophy is closer to Lenin's vision and he has the power to make that vision happen without the terror that Stalin used to dominate his people. Superman is repelled by such tactics though his ethics can often be questionable like his methods. In his mind the ends always justify the means. Such is always the unavoidable mindset of tyrants.

He and Wonder Woman find much common ground and we see the birth of the Soviet Justice League.

Of course it's a Justice League without Batman who is a pure terrorist psychopath. His time in the Gulag as a child turned him murderous. He has little regard for the lives of civilians if their deaths make his point or save his life, this Batman WILL kill. He is the result of what both Stalin and Superman did to enforce their beliefs about how to best run the state and control the Russian people. Forced paradise is no paradise at all.

The story is very entertaining and poignant in many ways.
Another winner from DC Animation.

Listen To Me Now And Hear Me Later

Now we do what they did in the fifties and the sixties and the seventies. We take our bags of frozen oranges and we bash all their heads in to remind them that there contribution to human civilization is no longer appreciated. She is a child. She is not to blame for what you are angry about. Look to the assholes at the top who tell you they care about you. The problems in the oil industry is pointless because the lack of that commodity and it's cash is what is making your lives suck right now. You have kids and houses and wives and mistresses and hobbies that you can no longer afford. From you it spreads out like a spider web and affects every thing in your life.

Now think of your kids and think about the kid's teachers. The ones who will care about you in the event of a pandemic and who daily educate YOUR children and have a huge influence on what kind of decent humans your little window licker becomes.

Then thank the nurses because they are in the middle of this deadly virus shit at the tip end of the spear. If the virus gets past them we all will pay for it in ways that will make the Walking Dead look like Cailou

So maybe not the right time to nickle and dime their vital contribution Premiere Kinney, you homophobic carpet bagger. If you Hillbillies experienced how easy and inexpensive it is to get quality health care in my city of Red Deer you head would explode...and then they would fix that for you also. And our Dear Leader is making cuts that hurt those who do the most. This bullshit in health care threatens something vital that these cuts will destroy.

This is Alberta Healthcare. Very inexpensive with allowances for pre existing conditions. Dental. Medications. Access to a quality Mental Health professionals like my own beloved Dr. Lee Yuang - the single most compassion human I have ever met. He keeps me sane. He saved me from a lifetime of feeling trapped in my one man spaceship. He understands fear and rage and his abilities to find the right meds for me is no less than a gift from the Gods. I can still be the incredibly prolific and creative person in the world and not want to kill all of you for the fact that all of you universally choose not to acknowledge that truth.

All of you. Every shoeless, undereducated, racist, pedophile, degenerate gamble, crack head, six toed prostitute, dog fucking Hillbilly, baker, cop and candle stick maker can get the VERY SAME THING just by asking for it. That has been put in danger by the governments who now want to make our entire society pay for their inability to get the oil out of the ground in a safe and timely manner. That money fuels all the good that is done for just the ordinary people in our Province. Its' the difference between a kid playing an an after school sport with his friends or those kids having nothing to do but get into all kinds of bullshit because their folks can't afford the fees and equipment involved.

NO. Not here. We can do better than that. None of this is the fault of Greta in a world were very powerful forces have the oil game rigged against us. Be angry. Protest but not with RAPE JOKES. I am sorry but the line is drawn at RAPE jokes. Now you know.

Fuck. I am not done. I am still angry. And with all that and more you fucking oil soaked maniacs choose to express the belief that because she speaks against your business (whose sins we all know) You advocate her RAPE? FUCK YOU. I hope the oil industry never comes back again because you don't deserve a taste of those riches because you are too stupid to deal with.

Again. You are mad at the WRONG PEOPLE. The Provincial and Federal governments should print all the fucking money they need and pull that shit out of the ground in the safe and environmentally friendly manner like Canadians have always done it. Make the gas better, make the propane better, make it all better than the rest of the World and then discount each barrel by ten dollars. Ah maybe 20 to show them we are not greedy people. Then we let the war begin and we will win that with simple democratic socialism and a quality product. The Saudis will be the first ones we freeze out and all that money you so desperately would RAPE a teen girl to acquire will be yours and go into the hospitals and the schools and the infrastructure to turn Alberta into WAKANDA. That dream should be what you focus your energies on if you care. RAPE jokes earn you no sympathy even from supporters, like me.

Enough with this shit Alberta. MAKE A DEAL and lets get this show on the road. It's Briar time in Canadian Men's Curling and I NEVER miss a game. If you want to discuss this further I will be available as always to take your messages telepathically.

So This Just Happened Online

First of all I had NO IDEA that the ROM picture I commented on was on the Facebook page of the guy who DREW IT - Bob Layton. Layton drew a lot of ROM comics in the 80s so I have lived with his work for a long time and his ROM is the gold standard. I just commented like I always do that this ROM doesn't have the right hands. He has fingers that you can see. Everyone knows that ROM has MITTEN HANDS.

Great, now him and Joe Jusko hate me.
Can we dig up Kirby so that I can insult his work too?

It's A White Guy Thing

Weekend Image Blizzard

Stop Asking Me Questions To Which You Already Know The Answers

He's A Clear And Present Danger To You All

Thoughts and prayers. I am sure that 'Praying Away The Virus' thing will work just fine for y'all. Trump got his best man on the job.

I Don't Need A Bigger Dick So I Would Supercharge My Brain Even More Than It Already Is

Trump Dump