Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dr. Who - Season One

There is one thing so great about having all five seasons of Dr. Who at my beck and call. I don't have to wait a week for the next chapter in the story. I knew seeing half a million Daleks against the Doctor would make for a great season ender. I love how the robots are so scared of only one person and how the Doctor plays that to full effect despite his guilt.

Is Rose the reason that Captain Jack is immortal now since she raised him from the dead?

In case it's not obvious to everyone, I have developed a great love for this show and I have seasons worth of adventure ahead of me. But I am going to have to mourn the loss of Christopher Eccleston first before I move on to season two. I loved how he could go from serious to goofy and then back to serious all in a moment's time. Does this sadness happen every time we lose a time lord?

Christiana Aquilera Is A Florida Ditch Pig

Radar Online is reporting that a digital camera's memory card was found containing 109 dirty pictures of the dirty skank being a dirty skank. I suspect it was left behind on purpose because this is the only way that Christina can salvage her career which is circling the toilet bowl as we speak. I always suspected she would eventually be spit out the bottom of the porn industry and it appears she is well on her way to achieving that life goal. Glad it's all about you and not your kids who will have to live with the shame of having a piece of street meat for a mother. I feel dirty just hearing her name these days.

The A-Z Challenge - April 1st - April O'Neill

As you all know the A-Z Challenge is set up to have people dedicate themselves to posting daily and use the alphabet to guide what they choose to write about. Tom suggested that I limit myself to only one post a day. I considered that for a half second because that WOULD be a radical change from what I do now. I might even keep a few of the new followers that I am picking up but will probably loose when I overwhelm their dashboards.

Letter A - April O'Neill

"I always felt that the whole story of the 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' was just a made up delusion in the mind of overworked investigative reporter April O'Neill. I once saw a picture of her in an insane asylum complete with padded walls where she was interviewing an ordinary turtle. Her mental break makes sense.

We know that chemical waste (the ooze) would only kill reptiles with it's radiation rather than cause them to grow to human size and give them the speech patterns and appetites of teenage boys.

She doesn't exactly dress like a reporter but as someone doing a story on waste products being illegally dumped into the city sewers. Without proper ventilation equipment she had her noodle scrambled and started to see anthropomorphized turtles, wisdom spouting rats and ninja foot soldiers under the command of a guy covered with kitchen knives."

Come back tomorrow for THE LETTER B.

The Batman Superman Move

Bruce Wayne - "It's ironic. Lois likes Bruce Wayne and she likes Superman. It's the other two characters that she's not crazy about."

Superman - "It's too bad we can't mix and match."

This was the first 'World's Finest' animated movie that combined Superman and Batman fighting the Joker and Lex Luther as a team. The animation if in the style of those great Superman and Batman cartoons from the early 90s. Truly classic stuff here. Tim Daly is Superman, Keven Conroy as Batman and Mark Hamill playing the Joker, lead a great team of voice actors. Bruce Timm and Paul Dini make the animation clean and exciting.

I liked remembering a time in the comics when the two heroes were not best friends and actually mistrusted each others motives. Oh how young and naieve we were back then.

8/10 (for old school nostalgia)

Meow Mix

The Ennui Of Charles Brown

Quote Of The Day - Looney Tunes

"Peng-goo-wins is prak-ti-kally chickens"

I Do Loves Me Some Babydoll


You teach one theory because it is FACT and not a FAIRY TALE. This is the exact reason why your country is going to hell and graduating a whole generation of retards. It's so much easier to say "God created the heavens and the Earth" than to actually understand the complex set of circumstances that go into forming stars, planets and life forms.

It's so much easier to not believe in EVOLUTION because your hillbilly brain can't make the leaps of logic involved in understanding how nature NATURALLY SELECTS certain traits to be passed on to succeeding generations of a species.

It's so much easier to compress everything into a manageable time frame than to expand your mind and understand change happening is small increments over millions of years. Six thousand years is about all your tiny minds can handle.

I can forgive an ignorant cave dweller with no written language for believing that thunder meant that the sky gods were angry. You, however live in a world were people on the TV study weather phenominas and can actually PREDICT that when certain condition (which have to do with moisture levels in the air and differing air pressures) will cause weather to occur and looky there, they are right.

You have centuries worth of study by individuals who logically and with mathematical proofs are able to explain why things are the way they are yet you still choose to believe in such junk science as phrenology, creationism and astrology.

Do you know what other group used such bullshit to justify their actions and superiority over intellectuals? The Nazis. And as a group they were pretty smart. They just knew that it was easier to control people if you fill their heads with ignorance than with facts. Ignorant people don't question or make trouble because the bigger the lie, the easier it is to get them to believe it. I am sorry that all my fancy book learning annoys you. Your lack of ANY book learning annoys me, huckleberry.

So hang up another picture of Jesus riding a dinosaur to school and make room for unicorns on the Ark. Just keep that crap to yourself and don't waste valuable teaching time filling student's heads with your nonsense.

The same God that you believe made the heaven and the earth is six days also gave AIDS to babies in Africa and allows other bad things to happen to innocent people everyday. Any being that can do that doesn't deserve my faith.

I am sorry if I pissed off some of you. I don't rant very often on this topic but today I have had my fill of religious bigotry and judgement.

Disney/DC Superhero Princesses

Can you name them all?

A To Z Blogging Challenge

I am never one who has a problem committing to daily posts or finding topics to post about. However, this theme seemed interesting enough but I am torn between highlighting some of my favorite young actresses, TV shows, movies, or my favorite superheroes. Maybe I should really stretch and go for topics totally out of my 'Cave of Cool' comfort zone. What about a 'Cave of Cool Cool Item Of The Day'? I have one day to figure out because once I commit, that's it for the month. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

You can discover all the diverse sites that will be participating in this event by following THIS link.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's Only Really Only About Redheads That Come In Sets Of Two

If I HAD To Label Myself...

Woodkid - Iron

Woodkid - Iron from WOODKID on Vimeo.

Hailee Steinfeld As Sleeping Beauty

Every once in a while I get attached to all the news that comes out about a certain film project, especially if it's a remake or based on a book I have read or may star a certain performer who I really like. 'The Hunger Games' is such a film project that is currently in development.

Thanks to Dez over at Hollywood Spy for the news that Haileee Steinfeld (my first choice for 'The Hunger Games) has been cast as 'Sleeping Beauty' in an upcoming film. She has the kind of timeless beauty to play historical fantasy like Mia Sara did in 'Legend'. I was hoping she would get cast in 'The Hunger Games' since I read that book imagining her as the lead.

Unfortunately for Hailee but not for the role, the lead in 'Hunger Games' will go to Jennifer Lawrence who recently competed for an Oscar for her performance in 'Winter' Bone'. I think she will do an equally good job in the role as Katniss.

It's nice to see that casting for this great franchise is suffering from an embarrassment of riches with many fine actresses around who have proven track records for excellence.

Honesty From The Cave Of Cool - Hey Christina

Right back atcha ya dirty c***. I hope you are enjoying pissing your career down the drain. I only am watching your 'comeback' because it will bring me joy to see you fuck that up too. You can't help yourself, you brainless bobblehead. Fuck You. Walk into the dark woods and let the bears and wolves have you for lunch. Humanity doesn't need your shit anymore. Your first clue should have been when you noticed the oil slick trailing behind you, if that is what it is - ewwwww. There is a body of water that is uninhabitable by sea life now.

Wednesday With Wonder Woman