Sunday, March 27, 2011

Amy Adams Is Lois Lane

Zac Snyder has chosen his Lois Lane for the upcoming Superman movie. Upon reflection I think this is a great choice. Amy Adam is great at playing spunky, fearless characters who are forces of nature and that describes Lois to a t. Just check out 'Night at the Museum' or 'Enchanted' if you doubt Amy's ability to captivate on screen. You just can't take your eyes off her. I also didn't realize she was in 'Drop Dead Gorgeous', one of my all time favorite films. I have to watch that one again to see what character she was.

The previous Lois Lane, Kate Bosworth ('Superman Returns') was too moody for my tastes. A real 'Lois' would have bitched out Superman in a big way the moment she saw that he returned to Earth. Bosworth was just too passive. She and Superman had zero chemistry in the last film and that was one of the reasons 'Superman Returns' wasn't as successful as it could have been.

Amy needs to remember the following traits if she is going to do the character right:

Despite her size and gender, Lois needs to be someone that everyone is a little bit afraid of. As a reporter people tell her what she wants to know because she won't stop hounding them until they do. I need to see that passion and determination.

When she is out to get a story she is laser focused like a dog with a bone. Her boss (Perry White) basically lets her do what she wants in the way she wants because it's less trouble than to try and change her mind once she's decided on a course of action. She is worth the aggravation because she always achieves RESULTS.

She has no fear about getting in someone's face because for her, the 'story' is everything. She is the best at what she does. No one 'out scoops' Lois. I have to see the effort she puts into finding out the truth.

THIS is the kind of character that a Superman would fall in love with. She fascinates and frustrates at the same time. The relationship between Lois and Superman should remind us guys that even a superhero is not immune to loving such a high maintenance woman.

We have all been there and a good Lois only helps us relate better to Superman because she brings out his human side like nobody else. I have to understand WHY Superman loves only her. As an audience member I have to fall in love with her too. Margo Kidder did that for me in her portrayal of Lois.

In the 1970s Superman Christopher Reeves stopped the rotation of the Earth to save her. That is how much Lois' death affected him. I want to see that same kind of devotion in the new film. It's the lynch pin that everything else depends on.

Trust me, if Amy knocks this performance out of the park like we all know she can, this Superman reboot could not only be good, but great. Nothing would make me happier than to see my hopes become reality.


Belle said...

I am excited about this because I love her acting and personality in every movie I've seen her in. I'm sure she will do a terrific job.

Chase March said...

I love this casting choice. Amy Adams is one of my favs!