Monday, March 28, 2011

Daily Reminder - Once A Collaborator... (Well You Know The Rest)

Once you mark your body with the evil symbols or likeness of the cephalopod, you will forever be a collaborator in my eyes.

If you must commit to evil then you take on all the retribution that comes with your decision. You foolishly chose your side in a epic battle going back centuries. I am sorry if your childish foolishness means a much shorter lifespan than you originally hoped for.

If you think that standing in front of the octopus will keep him safe you should know that I will shoot through you to get to him. It fills me with no joy to do this but you were officially lost to the human race the minute you added their colors to your body. May the gods have mercy on your souls.


M. D. Jackson said...

Dear God! One minute you think you`re going to get lucky and the next -- wham! The horrid realization that you have been duped by a cephalopod collaborator!

That`s a dash of cold water on one`s hot ardour!

Kal said...

Tell me about it! Do you how hard it is to improve a killing weapon at a moments notice. Luckily I bought one of those headboards that can convert to a pair and nunchuks and a catapult. Or the bedside table can be taken apart to make a shield and club. You never can be to careful.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I hope for her sake that's a fake tattoo.

Budd said...

consorting with the enemy, indeed!

Unknown said...

Dang Octopus! Sneaking into to get our bodies and souls through the use of sexiness is there no shame from it or safety for us? Someone get me a spear.

Kal said...

They only want to hurt us and will use any method they can to have us fall into their trap.

Welcome to the revolution jboypacman.