Saturday, March 26, 2011

Can It Really Be??? (SPOILER ALERT)

'Star Wars - The Clone Wars' is one of the best shows on television. They have found a way to advance the story of the 'Star Wars' universe by combining new compelling individuals with great storytelling and the inclusion of characters we already know from the movies. This moment from the season finale made me sqeeee and wet my pants. Definately my favorite surprise from the entire series. If you are missing this program and you are a 'Star Wars' fan, you are really missing out on something great. Sorry to spoil it for anyone but this is too cool for me not to post it.


Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

Don't worry about spoilers Kal. Here in the States the Cartoon Network has been showing promos all week loudly proclaiming "Chewbacca is Back!"

Ricky Shambles said...

I happy-leaked a little from my eyes, but I was also kind of drunk.

Kal said...

When I heard his cry coming from the reckage I knew that everything was going to be alright. I am so glad I didn't see those promos all week.This was a genuine happy surprise and how many of those to I get to have in a week. I smiled from ear to ear. Here is my idea for a spin off show - "Chebacca and the Wookie Way'. Take him from a boy to his meeting with Han Solo.

Ricky Shambles said...

How about "Wookie Nights," a Wookie remake of Boogie Nights. We all know Chewbacca swung a big stick.

Oh noes. I may have just opened a meme: Wookie movie remakes. I shall have a photoshop up within the hour on my blog to begin this beautiful circus. Credit to Cal for the seed!

Ricky Shambles said...

"Driving Miss Chewy" over at my place. Thanks for the inspiration!

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

"Its A Wookie-ful Life" with Jimmy Chew-art !

Ricky Shambles said...

Wookie of the Opera (a musical? Wraaawwawawawa!)
The Passion of the Wookie
The Wook-father
Wookalypse Now
The Taming of the Chew
Strange Chew (beer movie)
One Flew Over the Chew Chew Nest
Chew (a mystery - "I am your singing telegram-" BANG!)
Red Chew Diaries - on Skinemax
Chew Velvet - who knows what the hell is going on?

Ben Varkentine said...

I've never been able to get into the series because I find the animation style to be deadly dull.

Especially compared to the earlier animated version.