Thursday, March 24, 2011

Perfect For Above Baby's Crib

Start him out right with a view of the gloominess of the days that he will face from this moment on. Ah the sweetness of ennui.


Belle said...

True Dat.

Annasui said...


I kone quite some time has passed since you posted this, but I wonder(and hope); where did ou find this? Do you knowif there exist a pattern for it?

Thank you!

All the best,
Anne Nordgarden Roedner

Kal said...

I am sorry but I don't. I think you can customize something approximate if you have some skill at that kind of thing.

Annasui said...

First; Sorry about the silly autocorrect, I never experience this sort of things. Kone= wife in Norwegian but meant to say know.

I just have to hope to find out if there is someone in my knitting circle who master the art of crochet really well. Or at least can help me. ^^

Or maybe I'll manage to do the cloud in some years. I think I can manage the drops.

iCrochetstuff said...

I love love love the cloud!! Tried to make it myself, and it turned out all right if I can say so myself.. I put the pattern on my blog (for free of course): (in Dutch, but the pattern is pretty universal and you can use Google translate if you like..)