Thursday, March 31, 2011


You teach one theory because it is FACT and not a FAIRY TALE. This is the exact reason why your country is going to hell and graduating a whole generation of retards. It's so much easier to say "God created the heavens and the Earth" than to actually understand the complex set of circumstances that go into forming stars, planets and life forms.

It's so much easier to not believe in EVOLUTION because your hillbilly brain can't make the leaps of logic involved in understanding how nature NATURALLY SELECTS certain traits to be passed on to succeeding generations of a species.

It's so much easier to compress everything into a manageable time frame than to expand your mind and understand change happening is small increments over millions of years. Six thousand years is about all your tiny minds can handle.

I can forgive an ignorant cave dweller with no written language for believing that thunder meant that the sky gods were angry. You, however live in a world were people on the TV study weather phenominas and can actually PREDICT that when certain condition (which have to do with moisture levels in the air and differing air pressures) will cause weather to occur and looky there, they are right.

You have centuries worth of study by individuals who logically and with mathematical proofs are able to explain why things are the way they are yet you still choose to believe in such junk science as phrenology, creationism and astrology.

Do you know what other group used such bullshit to justify their actions and superiority over intellectuals? The Nazis. And as a group they were pretty smart. They just knew that it was easier to control people if you fill their heads with ignorance than with facts. Ignorant people don't question or make trouble because the bigger the lie, the easier it is to get them to believe it. I am sorry that all my fancy book learning annoys you. Your lack of ANY book learning annoys me, huckleberry.

So hang up another picture of Jesus riding a dinosaur to school and make room for unicorns on the Ark. Just keep that crap to yourself and don't waste valuable teaching time filling student's heads with your nonsense.

The same God that you believe made the heaven and the earth is six days also gave AIDS to babies in Africa and allows other bad things to happen to innocent people everyday. Any being that can do that doesn't deserve my faith.

I am sorry if I pissed off some of you. I don't rant very often on this topic but today I have had my fill of religious bigotry and judgement.


TS Hendrik said...

Actually as a Christian, I do believe in Natural Selection. I don't believe in evolution mind you. Nor do I believe the earth is just 6000 years old. It makes me laugh when atheists assume that all Christians just run on faith, that we don't believe in science. Just because I believe in a creator doesn't preclude logic. I'm a thinking person, who walked away from the faith he was taught. I returned years later when I made what I consider to be a logical decision. One day I'd like to have a talk with you on such matters. Not to try and convert you, but for the sake of an interesting conversation.

Kal said...

I appreciate you not ripping me a new one. My off the cuff kind of reactions to stupidity often don't take into account rationale arguements by good people with intelligent explanations. It would be nice to have this discussion with you. There go another ten followers. LOL.

csmith2884 said...

I do so love the comments here. TS well said and some of that hits home with me too. Like Paladin, who is so far to the right, I enjoy the comments and the thoughts involved. I always enjoy being made to think a bit more about something. Kal, if 10 followers leave over this I will go find you 10 more. If you can't blog with passion and belief, why bother?
I am happy now you guys rock.

Paradox Al said...

"Faith is of the heart, and when not governed by reason, charlatans have a powerful tool."

I remembered this line, from an RPG game that I'm still playing, when I read your post.

I think religion should keep to itself, instead of trying to govern everything under the sun. Like most things, I think most people take religion far too seriously. It's like those people who take nutrition research and "diet breakthroughs" too seriously, even though you know what they say is healthy today might suddenly be bad for you tomorrow(like soy beans?). I'm a bit like TS Hendrik: I have faith, but I also believe in science. It might make me wishy-washy, but I take most things with a pinch of salt.

Kal said...

Sounds like a good way to think that keeps you from going crazy.

Wings1295 said...

A topic that just seems like it will never get a resolution, since both sides, or all sides, feel so strongly. I just don't know why we can't keep the religious stuff OUT of the PUBLIC schools. Let them teach it in church, catechism or in their private schools. Public schools should always fall under separation of church and state. ALWAYS.

Paradox Al said...

I think I already am crazy..

Anyway,awesome post. The comic sketch is also very funny. I just read the 2nd Bobcat comic by theoatmeal, so that's 2 awesome comics I've come across today. =)

Kal said...

The precious and beloved 'founders' certainly knew what they were talking about when they spoke of the separation of Church and state. It avoids all kinds of issues that divide us.

TS Hendrik said...

If 10 followers leave because of this than bosh on them. Their convictions must not be that strong if they can't handle someone else expressing their opinion.

Jeff said...

Long time reader first time poster, and generally I enjoy your blog. Additionally as a rule I agree with most of what you say in this post, but you ought to make yourself familiar with Godwin's Law, and specifically corollary one.

You do not strengthen your position or suppositions with statements like this. I understand the value of a good rant as much as the next guy, but there are stronger ways to make a point than automatically comparing everyone who disagrees with you to the worst evil that humanity has ever produced.

"You like white bread when rye is obviously superior! You know who else liked white bread?!?! NAZIS!!!!!!one!!!!!!1111!!!!!!eleven!!!!" Does not make a convincing argument. Don't get me wrong, I get where you're coming from; there can be a lot of frustration dealing with some dogmatic fundamentalists but you don't bring much to the table without well reasoned discourse... /soapbox (sorry for the mini rant).

Kal said...

You are so right Jeff. I am sure if I just let this post sit for 24 hours I would have re-written the whole thing but I had a belly full of some asshat emailing me their god and guns b.s. Goodwin's law indeed. I would go back and change things but I have a personal rule about that. I can defend all I said but I agree that I could have make my arguement more convincing if I had taken time to edit it properly like it should have been. Maybe next time. Thanks for joining in on the discussion.

DrGoat said...

I'll spare you my rant, and say I agree wholeheartedly. Spirituallity, of a sort is nice, similar to native American beliefs. Spirits in the wind, critters, earth etc. That leads to respect, not greed and disrespect of the land and it's denizens. I know good christians, who are kind and forgiving and are good people, but this BS christianity that 80% of the religious seem to have adopted, is just greed and ignorance, nothing less.

DrGoat said...

And they're mean-spirited to boot.
Worst kind of human being.

Belle said...

The reason there are so many different Christian churches is because they can't agree on a host of issues. Every church interprets the Bible differently. C.S. Lewis, who wrote the Narnia series and was a famous Christian, believed evolution was true. My sister is a Christian and believes in evolution also.
I believe in the 6 day thing, although this rock, planet earth, was probably here for billions of years before God decided to spruce it up. To each his own. We should let people believe what they want without trying to force our beliefs on them and pass laws to make people obey what WE think the Bible says.

M. D. Jackson said...

I do not beleive in evolutioon, nor do I believe in science. They are facts so I do not have to believe. I can check the facts and wether I believe them or not is irrelevant. They simply are.

Faith is different. Faith is a belief in something where the facts say different. What good is a faith that has the facts to back it up?

That is one of the reasons that we are fortunate to live in a secular state. Canada and America have a seoparation of church and state and that is a very good thing. A secular state is better for religious freedom than a faith based state. A faith-based state is only good for the majority faith. Those of a different faith or denomination become heretics under such a state.

It is a good thing for the state to be atheist or at least agnostic as long as it is tolerant of diverse faiths.

Kal said...

Some things need to always be separated. I have see too many times in history when 'faith' in one ideology or another has been used to oppress a minority group with great evil. That is what puts me on my rants. I hate when powerful institutions like the Catholic church virtually get away with molestation and murder because there are people, millions of people who will not make them accountable for their actions.

Sarah said...

I agree with Wings “Public schools should always fall under separation of church and State. ALWAYS.” This country seems to have forgotten that we were founded in part for freedom of religion and that means the freedom to NOT have religion. 100% agreement with you there Kal.

I’m an open minded spiritual person…I believe ANYTHING is possible. Therefore, I don’t think that science and a belief in a higher power/all-power spiritual being are mutually exclusive.

How long is a day to an omnipotent being? Would we interpret it as a 24-hr day, or is more like a 1-billion year-long day? If the universe was created by an all-powerful being, why wouldn’t it be smart enough to create a self-sustaining system and build evolution, gravity, relativity, and all those other scientific “laws” into this created universe?

My problem with science is that we call things FACTS when they aren’t. At one point in time, it was scientific fact that the earth was flat, that the atom couldn’t be split, that Pluto was a planet, etc.

Science itself is uncertain—our scientific “laws” are actually theories—because scientists who use the scientific method understand that nothing can be proven entirely. So while we can generally say gravity works, the disclaimer is that gravity works SO FAR AS WE KNOW NOW.

We’re constantly learning more about the universe that invalidates previous discoveries. Which is fine and how it should be—I think we should always be questioning things, no matter what we are told.

One thing to take comfort in—I remember learning about this in school and my teacher did this since he was required to teach both. He went into great detail about the theory of evolution (again, THEORY, since not everyone agrees exactly how it works) and we spent several classes on it. Then he gave Creationism about 5 min of time saying “This is what others believe, but is not accepted within the general scientific community”. I’m guess that most science teachers are big believers of science (why else would they be teaching it?) and will do similar things—stress the Theory of Evolution and just touch on Creationism.

Kal said...

All good points Sarah. I find it hard to argue with you there. I am just a cranky faithless bastard I guess. Oh well. Good thing I don't believe in hell so I can't burn there for all eternity.

Sarah said...

I'm feeling cranky today too. It's so easy to get heated up about stuff like this.

But that's also the fun part--getting into discussions like this can be very eye-opening if everyone in the discussion respects each other. Unfortunately that's not usually the case (except your blog where everyone seems to respectfully state their opinion). Just goes to show you that you attract reasonable and intelligent people to your blog!

Kal said...

Well now that I am a part of the A-Z Challenge I am getting visited by people who can't figure out to look for the picture of the challenge to see the letter of the day post. One even told me that Dr Who started with the letter D. I think I also shocked some of the older visitors to my blog. All the followers I am getting are going to be going away soon enough so I won't get excited about all the attention.

Tyrean Martinson said...

Nazis hated religion unless they could twist it . . . so please don't compare Christians to Nazis. There were plenty of Christian martyrs killed in concentration camps, so I don't think that argument necessarily adds up.

What about those Nazis who were really into the science of eugenics to prove their superiority? They liked evolutionary theory.

Science is it's own religion, and Christians get bashed plenty by judgmental bigots. Not every scientist is an atheist, not every Christian is a creationist, or at least not in the sense that you seem to mean.