Friday, March 25, 2011

Jean-Pierre Gibrat


Contemplating Cadie said...

And now I'm going to be one of those creeps that leaves a comment completely unrelated to this post. (It's a good day for me being a loser.)

Anyway, So sweet of you to be that nice to me over at TS's, and do it in a funny way to boot.

I guess I gave in because she was right, it's tough to be a parent these days, and the last thing anyone needs is more guilt heaped on them.

...But when I pick a fight with you, I'm always right, so I'll never give in!

Love ya. :-) Thanks again, sugar lips.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Nothing like a saucy French dame. is there.

Kal said...

Well I had to defend you. I get your sense of humor and way of expressing yourself and I thought Stacy took it way too seriously. She reminded me immediately of those parents of the kids I used to teach who would defend their kids regardless of how bad their kids acted. I mean 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' makes her crazy? Pick a better hill to die on lady. Besides, only me and TS get to call you a loser. We earned it. Give yourself a break, okay?

Kal said...

I want to find the graphic novel that these pictures are from. The French have always done some great graphic storytelling.

Contemplating Cadie said...

Aw Kal, you're killing me with all the sweet talk.

Ok, Now I'm here to actually comment on the post. I *love* the art. That doesn't even feel right coming out of my mouth, I normally skim over these kinds of things, but there it is nonetheless. Of course, I'm drawn to all things French. I am French, actually.
(Maiden name: St. Romain)

I love the colors and backgrounds of these prints, and would wear every outfit, but the second one and the second to last. Sorry to burst that bubble, but it had to be done.

Thanks for getting my humor, thanks for calling me loser.

Kal said...

Anytime Kitty Kat.