Monday, June 30, 2014

Just Let Me Rant For One Second

I see you there UNDER THE DOME. I see you looking at me. Trying to seduce me into watching your second season. But last summer I gave your little 13 part mystery in a small town show a watch. I gave it one hell of a watch because I believed there would be some kind of sweet payoff at the end. Something with a little awe and wonder. Like the awe and wonder of a cow being sliced in half by a clear dome that falls over a small town.

But once again I was tricked by my bitch mistress, television, and I was left hanging, unsatisfied and angry. And this wasn't just the kind of angry I am at most things in life that disappoint me. This hate was visceral.

I have been burned many times and it's my own damn fault for choosing dumb shows to like (The Cape and Enlisted were fabulous). This time however I say NO. I didn't even watch the review episode they did last week to prepare all us dummies for this week. I passed on that more out of embarrassment for how I got stringed along by a cool concept but the weakest of storytelling.

I bought everything they were trying to sell me, ESPECIALLY the mystery of WHY the freakin' dome encased this ONE town in the first place. That's all I wanted answered. But then the show became a hit and everyone who was committed to just ONE season saw the money and tried to stretch the premise to it's breaking point. That means NO ONE could know any answers and to me, that felt like the LOST experience all over again. So I will not watch. Don't tell me what I am missing because if you are smart, you already know you are missing something yourself by watching UNDER THE DOME and will join me in my boycott. It's the only way those stupid networks will learn not to fuck with me.

Now 24 is an entirely different conversation. Jack Bauer knows how to heal what's ailing me.


Tuesdays With The Tumblr Girls




Let Me Tell You About Rico

Rico was a short man
Wants to live with a long haired girl in
Cosa Meda ...
Rip off fruit stands
During the getaway
She will drive the Vespa

A Classic Cal Rant From The Archive Of Cool

This show is so stupid. The book was stupid because it basically took most everything that is great about being a guy (farting, wearing Hawaiian shirts, liking sammiches) and turned it into an indictment of our total species.

On VH1 they only give the top 100. The freakin' book has 311 of them. GAH!

If you think I am choosing you over the cat you have lost your damn mind.

Yeh I know that women choose but you would think they didn't need to be so picky. We can't all be George Clooney. I know I haven't got much to offer but I work on my act daily, can make you laugh, know how to vacuum and prepare a nice meal. That isn't enough?

What the hell happened to picking me at my most pathetic and changing me into someone you could proudly take out in polite society. I thought you needed a project and I was it!!

Why not 100 things that makes a woman a bitch? Like buying this book and holding it against me. You with your fingerless gloves and hair extensions and total obsession with yourself. Your flip flops bother me too because I don't need to see those long ass toes of yours with webbing between.

And I am not shaving off my beard. It's beautiful. In the Taliban I would be their king just because of my awesome facial hair. Sure it gets me searched in airports but the biker chicks love it. LOVE IT!


Cool Batman Mini Pin-Ups By Simon Pimpernel

I have showcased these images before but decided they were too good not to post for a second time. I am looking back through my Canada Day posts to collect images and content for tomorrow and I found these gems. I think I would love the design of any movie made with these characters in this style. He also does a terrific Wonder Woman set that needs to be seen to be fully appreciated.

How Long Until 'Shark Week' Begins?


There Is Always Room For Batgirl