Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Flash - Pilot

The original FLASH on TV plays Barry's father. I like that homage. The 90s series was a gem that was put out of it's misery before the stories got too goofy.

I hate when stories start with the death of a parent or parents. Barry Allen isn't that kind of character. He doesn't need death to motivate him like Batman does. The Flash should be light and breezy, just like the character.

The copy I received from a friend of a friend is a promotional copy that thankfully fell into my hands. I suspect the network released it so that they could build some heat for the show. There is no opening theme song or credits.

As a geek boy I can tell you I liked this new kid and the forensic spin they put on the old superhero. He is a savant when it comes to analysing clues. It's why everyone tolerates his lateness and his general lack of any social skills.

We have seen it all before but this one is very well done and much lighter in tone than ARROW which exists in the same universe as The Flash. Star Labs also plays a central role in the story which means there will be all kinds of weird things for Barry to fight. The reactor explosion that helped to create the Flash also created other Metas like The Weather Wizard, an old member of the Rogue's Gallery. Can my beloved Captain Cold be far behind?

I am looking for a introduction of the Speed Force and was happy that they didn't muck around with the origin story. Barry gets his powers when a bolt of lightning hits a rack of chemicals in his police lab. That's it. That's all we need to know. Then get to the running and other speed effects. I like the way the show gets right down the meat and potatoes of being a superhero.


Don't know if I am sold on the suit yet. I will need to see it in action to get the full effect. The speed effects are very well done and watching Barry discover his speed was fun to watch. He's a natural. I was also happy to see that I was totally right about who the bad guy is. I like a show that doesn't make me think too much.


Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

I heard all over the internets that promotional copy of the pilot had been leaked, but by the time I went to check it was gone.

david_b said...

I totally stand by the '90s version.. Loved the somewhat retro-neon style of the show.

Only bad part was that the Tina character having no charm or chemistry with anyone, especially Barry. Pretty enough, good actress, but just a bad casting idea.