Sunday, June 29, 2014

Tales Of The Mini-IPad In The Cave Of Cool

As you know we have introduced this beautiful mobile technology into the Cave of Cool and I actually answered my first comment from the living room this evening. I hate having to type with one finger at a time. My fingers need HOME ROW. I am a typing prodigy. I need the right tools to work at my best. I know I brag a lot about my skills on the keyboard but I am a savant. I am a concert pianist with letters. I can type it about as fast as I can think it and I can think it pretty fast. I am always worried that the keyboard will burst into flames.

So now imagine expressing myself ONE LETTER AT A FREAKING TIME?? I feel like Stephen Hawkings from my chair. Twenty minutes to type out one or two sentences? My wit cannot have a speed limit. Is this my future? Wait until I figure out how to talk into this IPad to dictate my genius. I already want to incorporate SIRI so I can ask her all kinds of bizarre questions. It will be like talking to the computer on the Enterprise. She may be the only girl who ever talks to me again.

Today my Mother figured out how to search from her MSN homepage and the first thing she looked up was Wills and Estates. No doubt to leave more money to her best and most favorite son. Okay, I am her second favorite and I don't have a brother.

I love looking through Tumblr on the IPad. I can flip through thousands of images in a tenth of the time. I only can't figure out yet to set the device to send any pics I want to save to my email and then I can mail them to myself on my table top computer. I don't want to clog my IPad with too much stuff but I will need to save images because that is something I can resist doing when I see something cool.

I went a little crazy today looking for some more exciting slots for my Mother to play. Tomorrow I teach her about the word SEARCH and how to use it to weed through the garbage and get to the good stuff. Then we teach her to save her favorites so she can go back to them later on. It's all a process here people.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I've had an iPad for about 2-3 years now and I hate it. I rarely use it. And all because of that effin' keyboard. Using a rubber-tipped stylus speeds up typing a bit, but it's still basically bloody hunt and peck. I too am a virtuoso of the keyboard and so touch screens frustrate me no end as well. I've just learned about Siri's availability on iPads but I haven't tried it yet. I should have spent my money on a good laptop instead of that iPad. I feel your pain, Cal.

Kal said...

My mom wanted something that didn't have the keyboard. She is not frustrated with it and learns more everyday. I think it's a good low brainer device for her purpose. But I need a full keyboard.

Mike D. said...

Me too. Having taken Typing 1 and 2 i'm not too comfortable with the cellphone keypad. Plus you can actually do more with a pc. I believe you can plug a keyboard into most lap tops... But Tablets and I - pads i'm not sure.

Kal said...

Yeh, the tablet comes with a normal sized keyboard that just clicks into the tablet.

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

I have an iPod, henpecking is the only way to type anything!

Mike D. said...

I've seen people use the two fingered method, they put their device on a flat surface and go to town.