Monday, June 23, 2014

Someone Having A Worse Day Than You

There is a giant, marble vagina on the grounds of Germany's Tubingen University Institute of Microbiology. If you are an American exchange student and someone dares you to climb into said vagina, you should not take that dare. You will get stuck. And then someone will have to call the fire department saying that you are "stuck in a stone vulva." That would be really embarrassing for you.
The student who learned a hard lesson in proper lubrication had to be rescued by 22 firemen—who drove in on five firetrucks flanked by a number of paramedics—and who did not need any tools or implements to free the man. They just used the "pull out" method.
Erick Guzman, a witness to this dare gone wrong, said that the man freed from the giant, marble vagina was just trying to take a picture of himself inside it.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Now I guess he can claim to be born again.

Kal said...

If he does I say we re-stuff him and give him the REBIRTH experience.

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

Is that really what this sculpture is supposed to be and not just an opening that locals claim it looks like to try and draw in tourists?

Just wanted to be sure before I posted The Big Lebowski clip.

Kal said...

If that is the truth then there should be a quick release labia so they don't have to call fire and rescue everytime some tourist is trapped in the giant vagina.

I have never seen Lebowski. Can you believe that.

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

I was shocked at first that you hadn't seen Lebowski, but then I figured it is kind of second-teir nerdy thing.

Its a cult classic for sure, but since it doesn't involved spaceships, robots, zombies or lasers. It does have Steve Buschemi and Sam Elliot's mustache in it though.

Kal said...

I know I would love it but it's become a 'thing' for me not to have seen it. I may do it one day. It's in my download file.