Saturday, June 28, 2014

Just When I Think There Are No Other Action Figures To Hunt Down

Someone comes up with this beauty. I am not sure if he is a custom or a fake because you can get a Rocketeer and a Snake Plisken now at that size and style. But as much as I love those two characters, that NEVER got their own reasonably priced action figures, there is one character that I hold out as a Holy Grail figure. That is of course the Lord Humungus from The Road Warrior. I love that guy and especially his post-apocalyptic management style. He just wants the gasoline. Just give him the gasoline. Did IQ points drop sharply after civilization ended? This is not the guy whose requests you turn down or ignore.

I just found out that this is a custom job which is good because I don't want my Lord Humungus to be such a shrimpy character. I understand that NECA put out a series of Road Warrior figures a while ago (2000). I did a quick EBay search and he runs about 40 dollars on average without shipping. That is robbery and makes me even more determined to find him at his full 7 inches for a reasonable price. So the word is out. Help a brother out if you are a collector yourself and find this guy at one of your glorious American toy sales or garage sales. When you think Cal, you should be thinking LORD HUMUNGUS.


Sorry, I can't do a post about the Lord Humungous without posting his best scene.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Aren't they remaking Mad Max? If so, I wonder who the new Lord Humungus will be.

Kal said...

I hope they will have that character in the new film. How could they not?