Saturday, June 28, 2014

Red Sonja Selection

1) Red Sonja by Paul Renaud  
2) Red Sonja by Simon Robert
4) Red Sonja by Adam Hughes  
5) Red Sonja by Jeff Spokes
6) Red Sonja by Alessandro Giovagnoli
7) Red Sonja by Fiona Staples on Tumblr
8) Red Sonja by Michael Turner
9) Red Sonja by Matteo Scalera
10) Red Sonja by Bruce Timm 



j-swin said...

Too bad the rose mcgowen red Sonja project fell apart

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

Credits for all of them. I've taught you well!

Jordan said...

You've noticed that they're getting rid of all the "inappropriate" costumes when they put the female superheroes into movies (they've changed Scarlet Witch's costume, and they're about to change Wonder Woman's).

Which makes sense and is the right move, but there's something to be said for fidelity to the originals even if it's ridiculous, right?

The only counterexample I can think of is Watchmen -- they pretty much had Silk Spectre dressed in her comic book costume (which is ironic in that there's discussion throughout the story of that costume and how much she dislikes it).

Kal said...

Unfortunately Jordan, those skin tight comic costumes don't 'read' well on screen. You could get away with it with Red Sonja to go comic book but someone like Vampirella just looks stupid. She would need the pants and coat and not the one strip of fabric and boots. Remember the Vampirella movie from the 80s. Now that was an abomination.

Oh and Erik. You taught me nothing or I learned nothing. I only give credit on those collections when it is at the source. Otherwise I wish artists would just sign their work so it's easier for others to find their other work online.

Rod Barnett said...

No Frank Thorne? :-(

Kal said...

He wasn't in this set of tumblr finds. Should he be. I should look up his stuff.

Rod Barnett said...

Oh, yeah! He was the original artist on the character back in the 70's.

Great stuff.