Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Still Magnificent



What is the point in recycling old clichés? The idea behind this series is to create the most unique representation of Zodiac signs showing the true nature and essence of what they stand for. After 3 years since the first designs have been posted I decided that it is time to revive the series and redo everything, adding more detail, more color, more thought behind each sign. I received hundreds of replies from people thanking me for getting the essence of the sign right, this is amazing, you guys get it, not much needs to be said further. I hope you all enjoy this revision.

Damn Solanah

The Must Always Be A Cave Of Cool

You modern entertainment headquarters.

Boy, That Rebellion Lasted A Long Time

I was taken aback when someone mentioned to me that I am too concerned with numbers and it's true - I am. I want to be validated and I want someone out there to recognize my blog as being something so good it deserved nomination for one of those big blog prizes - the ones where they fly me to Singapore and ply me with beautiful Asian women until they make me fight to the death on some deserted island armed only with the light from my hotel room's end table. So I am back and I hate you all that keep me from being more than I can be. I will own those 500 followers by New Years and then rub it in all your faces.

Stop Motion Film Of The Day

Great Model Railway In Germany

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


My compatriot, fellow Canadian, Calvin from the Cave of Cool, curates a curious collection of cultural oddities, incisive insights, beautiful images and an eclectic taste in music as well as occasionally and coquettishly displaying pictures of decidedly delicious culinary delights.

Calvin`s Cave is more than cool, it is a creative combustion of cracking good posts, culled from the chaos that is our online world, kicking out in every direction and yet retaining a cohesiveness that culminates in a whole experience that encapsulates all that can be called "cool".

Do your brains a favour and click here to visit Cal's colossal Canadian Cave of Cool.

And while you are there hit the follow button and keep the good times rolling! (Seriously -- the guy craves followers. He's obsessed with his numbers.)

I refuse to post another post until I get to 460 followers. Something just snapped in my head in a dream last night. I know that seems selfish and that I think I am better than I am but I NEED these numbers to calm my mind. I hope I see y'all on the other side. Sorry to all you who are so great at visiting and commenting. This has nothing to do with you. It's all about my change in medications which never turn out well for me.

Every Morning At 3 AM I Should Wake Up

...and destroy the city I love for the next 15 minutes. I know I would sleep so much better.

I Love Her Hairdo In The Morning

Scruffy Miss Malibu does it for me when she wakes up - meow.

Mega Image Dump Because I Need To Clean My Files