Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Message To The Gods And My Distain For Toddlers

I feel like APOCALYPSE because I have finally found my FOUR HORSEMEN (War, Famine, Pestilence and Death) I know these 4 will take their responsibilities very seriously and do some serious 'end of the world' damage. We all know we have seen this revelation coming for a long time from those 4 freaks.

I once watched their show for it's entire 22 minute run even after the smiling sun baby terrified me. They showed the exact same 4 minute film about a kid with a baby calf over and over and over again. I thought someone in the studio must have had Parkinson's and kept hitting the rewind button by mistake.

I thought the pot I was smoking was REALLY strong but apparently the audience for the show (toddlers) like to watch the same shit over and over again, especially if kids just like them are presenting the short films.

These toddler freaks have a gibberish based language that only they can understand. I get that a dog ignores me because he doesn't know what I am telling him to do. A toddler CHOOSES to ignore out of spite. He knows exactly what I am saying and if he doesn't he most certainly understands 'INTENT'. Just more toddler bullshit added to my life.

I had to watch all the way until the end while trying to keep my head from exploding. They have messed up my life with those 'the world can burn itself' attitudes they have. F**K YOU Teletubbies.

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