Monday, October 31, 2011

Sleepy Time

I went to the dentists today and then slept most of the day away. My typing feels 'off' like I am having a stroke or something. I am hungry but I am not sure for what.

I would love to have a girlfriend right now...especially as it's getting colder. Doesn't anyone want to negotiate a deal. I am sure we can find something to trade.

I have no Halloween candy because I am going to buy it cheap tomorrow. It's a sad pathetic thing I know but it's how we do it in the North Am, bitches.

I like the little frozen chocolate bars the best. But you can only get a certain small variety of flavors these days.

Somone or everyone ask me questions so that my mailbox is full in the morning. Please.

Image Blizzard

31 Days OF Kids's Costumes - Day 31

Color Me Shocked

At what point do we tell these gypsie hucksters to FUCK OFF and Really mean it this time!!!

The rumors were true: $10 million, an E! television extravaganza, and 72 days later, Kim Kardashian has confirmed to Ryan Seacrest that she will file for divorce from husband Kris Humphries.

My Vacations With Vladimir

Untitled Halloween Image Dump