Sunday, October 30, 2011

Puss in Boots (2011)

Puss in Boots never slows down enough to concern itself with pacing or plotting, and like any good cat burglar; it always lands on its feet.

I wish I had enough friends who would know how terrific I would find this story and insist on taking me too it. As it is I watch this alone and it still was terrific.

They so could have went overboard with this one but they found the right line between larceny and lunacy. I have never been more sacred of the Golden Goose.

The bad guy are evil as PG 13 allows them to be and then some. The characters are very complex with issues just like everyone one of us. Delightful to watch.

No sexier kitty than Kitty Soft Paws.

Thought this one would overdo the 'pepe le pew' banter but it never does.

The music here is a separate character all to itself.
The story is straightforward with both Puss and Pussy Soft Paws. I love how everyone has a terrible story about their childhood to tell- it's all very Dickinson.

It's a tale with heart and joy. A really fairy tale.

I enjoyed this one a great deal. The cat characters and the great voices that go with them are real characters, touching and infuriating at times but with terrific visuals characterizations and some freakin' amazing adventures.

This is a totally unique bit of storytelling. I loved the world this movie created around me. Good stuff.


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